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Sep 11 2012

How They Get Polls to Show Obama Ahead

Given that no credible person could say with a straight face that Obama is doing even a mediocre job as president, how to make sense of polls showing him ahead? Simple — the polls are conducted by his fellow oligarchical collectivists, who cheat:

The latest CNN/ORC poll released [yesterday] shows a wider lead for President Obama than the previous CNN/ORC poll but it is doubly skewed. It massively under-samples independents while it also over-samples Democratic voters. The CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll official reports Obama at 52 to percent and Mitt Romney at 46 percent. Unskewed, the data reveals a 53 percent to 45 percent lead for Romney.

This new CNN/ORC survey, unlike many other analyzed, not only over-samples Democratic voters, but also massively under-samples independent voters, to produce a result more favorable to Barack Obama. This survey’s sample includes 397 registered Republicans and 441 registered Democrats. But the survey included a total of 822 registered voters, leaving only 37 independent voters at most. The survey clearly under-sampled independent and Republican voters.

What is the point of even taking a poll if you are going to play tricks to get unrepresentative numbers? Hopefully it is only to discourage those of us who want to vote Obama out of office before he can finish fundamentally transforming our country into a Third World ruin. I would hate to think the idea is to make results to be produced by industrial scale voter fraud more believable.

If it came from CNN, it came from the White House.

On a tip from Oiao.

34 Responses to “How They Get Polls to Show Obama Ahead”

  1. AC says:

    They have to cook the books now because the ZPoc won’t happen until November 6th.

  2. bjd says:

    Look they HAVE to report things like this. If they reported REAL results they’re would be a law suit filed against them. Do you know what a lawyer costs? The other side has an endless supply of our money. CNN / ORC has a finite supply.

  3. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Two days before the election they all scramble to get their numbers right so they can point to that final poll as proof of how legit they are.

  4. Laurie says:

    So what? They do that all the time. Everyone knows it, but none of the Professional Losers (i.e. the GOP) does anything about it.

    Fraud-by-liberals happens constantly. There is documented evidence that the Democrats were stuffing ballot boxes during the election, John “Juan” McCain knew it, and he didn’t do anything about it

    You asked: “What is the point of even taking a poll if you are going to play tricks to get unrepresentative numbers?” It’s so the liberals can cover up their massive voter fraud in November. These phony polls build up expectations of an Obama win. Then when Obama wins through voter fraud, the LameStream Media can point to their phony polls and say “See? Of course he was going to win! Everyone loves Obama! The polls proved it!”

    So now the only question that remains is: why isn’t Mitt “Mittens-the-Kitten” Romney raising hell about this? Why aren’t the Republicans like Boo-hoo Boehner and Mitchy Mouse on TV right now pointing out these phony polls?

    Oh yeah….they’re in on it.

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  6. Rickyd says:

    Four years at a liberal college…………………….head full of shit! Mindboggling.

  7. wingmann says:

    Why isn’t a MARXIST like oblamer not polling in the teens???
    Clearly this is a different AMERICA then what I grew up in.
    We shall see,in a few short days at the polls, what AMERICANS have left in them.

  8. Sinister66 says:

    Just to be clear. All polls showing Obama in the lead are skewed while all polls showing Romney in the lead are accurate?

    Polls by Rasmussen and Gallup are also done by “fellow oligarchical collectivists who cheat”?

  9. anono-bot says:

    “Hopefully it is only to discourage those of us who want to vote Obama out of office before he can finish fundamentally transforming our country into a Third World ruin. ”

    Can someone explain to me why the Republicans would be so much better than Obama? They plan employ the same policies that crashed the economy in the first place, right? What are they going to do differently than last time we handed them the reigns, because 8 years of that ended in literal economic catastrophe – and that is not an opinion, but a fact.

    What’s so different int heir policies now? Why would I expect a different result? Seriously, explain it to me.

  10. Anon-Y-Mouse says:

    (a) The polls are skewed…on purpose…and always towards Obama. Most are to dispirit conservative voters and gin-up support among apathetic progressives who could give a shit about Obama anymore.

    (b) “Laurie” is either heavily under the influence of the Kool-Aid (possible), a monday-morning quarter back (likely) or a provocateur who works over-time to find fault with everything (probable). Hey “Laurie”, you bitch a lot…why not DO something to make a difference? (Yeah, we all know the answer.)

    (c) The press, pollsters, et. al. are going to be the next to go…right after The Kenyan Punk. They are running around like scared rats for a good reason: they see the end coming. No “last minute” poll data will cover up what they’ve done.

    There are about 200 million pissed off Americans who, after taking care of the infection in the White House, will turn their gaze on The Media…and woe to them when we do. The light in our eyes along will be enough to send them into paroxysms of fear…with good reason.

    November, baby. Be VERY afraid.

  11. Rotohammer says:

    Obama is campaigning as if he is losing, and I think that is because his internal polling is indicating he is losing.

    I don’t mind the skewed polls. I think it causes more apathy in the Democratic base than it causes discouragement in the Republican base.

  12. Mickey Shea says:

    Expect riots when Romney wins.

  13. Laurie says:

    Sorry, Anon-Y-Mous, I’m none of the above. I’m a pissed-off Independent who’s sick and tired of the game that’s being played and I’m trying to shed some light so the younger, newer types can see that they’re being scammed.

    I’ve been following politics for more than twenty years. The libs have been pulling these same tricks all that time, and the GOP has the same feeble response every time.

    You would think, that after 20 years, the GOP could come up with something better than “We have difficulty getting our message out”. You’d think they’d have a response by now to accusations of racism. But they don’t.

    Why? Because they’re in on it. They’re ALL in on it.

    As for your comment about “doing something”, I AM doing something. I’m making you aware that both the Dems and the RINOs are teamed against us, the American Voter. I used to volunteer with the Republican party, but when I saw (after several election cycles) that the Repub candidate did NOT put up a fight AND he/she used the same old tired excuses that they all use, it became obvious that this is all a game. A scam. A hoax.

    So now my goal is to help you guys not get all hot and bothered about the latest RINO who’s been appointed to be the professional fall guy.

    Yes, we should be taking down the Dems; I agree with that. But they’re never going to be taken down until we also route out all the RINOs who roll over and give up on cue. Like when “Juan” McCain did this:

    It’s a game, a scam, a hoax on the American people. The reason the Republicans repeatedly don’t say anything is because they have cushy jobs, free everything, a plum retirement package, and a cut of all the extra taxes the Democrats get. They’re not going to put up a fight because they might lose that. So they play the fall guy and they win.

    I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

  14. MicahStone says:

    It has been proved repeatedly that Rasmussen polls are among the MOST ACCURATE of all. Unlike the lunatic-left fake polls conduced by Washington Post, NYT, abc news, cbs, and the other lamestreamers, Rasmussen does an honest, real-life sampling – not a skewed mixed designed to favor the d-cRAT socialists by INCREASING the percentage of blacks and other lunatic-left leaning groups (as PPP, GfK/AP and the Washington Post, in particular, do) or INCREASING the sampling in blue-states and cities (as the NYT and A(lways)B(iased-socialist)C(lowns), in particular do), or inflating the percentage of d-cRAT socialists in the sample (as ALL of the leftist pollsters/propagandists/LIARS do).

    One of many examples of the superior accuracy of Rasmussen polls:
    “The List: Which presidential polls were most accurate?”
    Published on November 5th, 2008
    Written by: Richard Dunham
    Answer: Rasmussen was #1 in accuracy in political polling for Presidential election year 2008.

    Believe Rasmussen – ignore the others.

  15. smg45acp says:

    Who are they polling?
    Most households of gouger people don’t have ground phone-lines anymore.
    so are they just calling old people that only have ground lines.
    This isn’t 1960.
    Phone polls are worthless today.
    Think about how many people you know that only have cell phones, no ground line.
    I would really be interested in seeing just how these polls are taken.
    Probably the “journalists” just asking around the office and calling his friends and relatives, maybe asking people at the gay bar he frequents how they are voting.

  16. KHarn says:

    Twenty years ago, anyone who suggested that the ONEderchild be nominated as a canidate for president would have been LAUGHED out of the convention, if not the party! No, NOT because of his COLOR; but because he’s a NOTHING and a NOBODY with a questionable background (What little is known). Back then, even DEMOCRATS had standards.

  17. Doug says:

    aretard-bot: let me save you the effort and here is your next comment. Feel free to copy and paste.


  18. Jill says:

    Ooooooh if the polls are all wrong, then you’d all better buy Romney stock on He’s at 42% so for every $100 you buy you’ll get $238 back when he wins the election.

    Those dumb liberals are buying Obama at 58. Won’t they look silly on election day.

  19. True Blue says:

    It is a simple and oldtrick from the psy-ops grab-bag.
    Beef up poll results for your favored candidate in order to get people to ‘jump on the bandwagon.’

    Read about black, white and grey psy-ops and then look at our elections. Why are Republican states represented as ‘Red’ on every media outlet, while Demorats are represented with the friendlier ‘Blue’? Manipulation, simply manipulation.

  20. Jimbo says:

    Isn’t that guys shirt “journalists for Obama’ rather… redundant?

  21. anono-bot says:


    WTF is wrong w/ you? Seriously. I’m asking a serious question – which you guys should have an answer to if you’re right – and you type this? Is this really all you have Doug? Becasue if it is, I pity you.

    If these policies didn’t work before, why are they going to work now?

    Or are you guys just fanboys who are rooting for a team?

  22. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    Dude, put down the yellow Kool-Aid and do something about those teeth.

  23. dan says:

    If you want honest statistics ,go to :
    Even with the Lamestream Media in ObaMAO’s corner,
    Karl Rove still has time to throw the GOP under the bus again…and yes, the riots are coming and the peacekeeping forces are in country as our National Guard is deployed to Africa

  24. Bob Roberts says:

    Simple: Their intent is not to take and present an honest sample, it is to do all they can to discourage those who have had enough, to make them give up and think Obama is unbeatable, so they won’t even bother to vote. It happened in 2008. It is also part of why Gore came so close to Bush in Florida in 2000. The polls in the panhandle, a strong Republican area, were still open after most of the major outlets projected Gore the winner, discouraging many who would have otherwise voted for Bush and thus triggering the vote counting frauds that followed.

  25. Questionman says:

    Barack Obama is not a Communist, a fascist, a Muslim, a Marxist, a Progressive (in the pre-1920s’ meaning of that word, before it just became a cover for Communists and other leftists), or even a socialist.

    You racists really don’t want the black man to win, you make up anything to insult the voters for NOT being hateful racists who are smart enough not to vote for a lying hypocrite like Mittens!

    Romney is already another Bush. They both love the wars, the spying, the torture, and the spending. Someone please explain to me how someone can say you have to balance the budget but, at the same time, you have to spend billions more on the military. No country has a real ability to attack us.

    Romney is so crooked he has to screw his socks on in the morning.

    Check out these unbaised polls. Obama is winning. DEAL WITH IT. RACIST!

  26. Charlie R. says:

    Journalists for Obama? I think you can count the number of journalists that aren’t members of this group on one hand!

    National Headquarters: Hilo, Hawaii

    We no longer have an objective, reporting news media in America, what we have is a socialist advertisement news agency for an illegal president.

    There is no such thing as the Democratic Party what there is an Islamic Communist Party.

    There isn’t a President of the United States of America in the White House what there is an Islam Muslim General named Barack Hussein Obama II.

  28. bobdog says:

    I did a poll of all registered voters at my house last night, which says that Romney wins in a landslide.

    My poll is every bit as valid as CNN’s.

  29. Randy J says:

    This is good because it riles up the voting base….of Romney, and it makes the voting base of Obama gain a false sense of comfort zone. If they feel they are so far ahead in the polls ahead of the election, many will feel they do not need to go vote. It only makes the GOP voters feel that much more urgency and energizes them to get out the vote. The polls hurt Obama either way.

  30. Randy J says:

    Questionman…you are the racist. I have no problem with his skin color. I voted for Cain in the GOP primary. So take your race card and put it where it belongs. Obama could not have been elected without whites voting for him, so how was that racist. The reason people are against him is his policies. Yes, even black Presidents are measured by WHAT THEY DO!!! Grow up.

  31. George Mason says:

    I’ve felt all along that the polls were inaccurate. BO has done nothing to warrant good numbers. The leftist media definitely loves the moonbat messiah.

  32. Jill says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could prove all those liberal pollsters wrong by betting on Romney to win.

    Oh wait, you can on Intrade.

    Those foolish Liberals think Obama is going to win by 58/42. Romney is a bargain. $1000 bet gets you $2380 back when Romney wins by a landslide. Just think how much fun you can have waving your cash winnings when Obama loses.

  33. Jill says:

    Oh look, Romney is getting even cheaper – it’s 62/38 now

    A $1,000 bet will get you $2,632 when Romney wins. A whopping $1,600 profit.

    How can you resist when you just know Romney is going to win?

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