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Jul 17 2019

How They Know Invaders Will Vote Democrat

A story from February explains why Democrats want the border open, confident that the hordes flooding across to fundamentally transform our country will reliably vote Democrat for many generations to come. The invaders’ greedy, arrogant, and utterly unjustified sense of entitlement sets them squarely at the center of the Democrat reservation. They have even sued the country they invaded:

Six migrant families filed multi-million dollar claims Monday against the Trump administration over last year’s family separations, saying they need the money to pay for counseling and other medical care to heal from the “torture” they said they suffered.

Funny that people come from all over the world to break into our concentration camps so that they can be tortured.

Each claimant seeks $3 million.

No swarm of locusts could be more rapacious.

Of the six migrant families, five appear to have sneaked across the border and been arrested as illegal immigrants. Based on the filings, the sixth appears to have shown up at a port of entry without permission.

This is the equivalent of Japanese pilots suing the USA for shooting down their airplanes at Pearl Harbor.

I can’t find word on the progress of the suit. Once something enters the gears of the legal system, it can take years for anything to happen. That’s why it takes so long to get an illegal alien ordered deported. It takes even longer for the deportation to actually occur over the raging objections of Democrats.

The story indicates how willing the invaders are to exploit the phony rhetoric served up by the Left. When they have the numbers, they will be the ruling class. Our welfare state will enslave us to them. That’s where the Democrats come in, always eager to take a fat cut for enforcing wealth redistribution.

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