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Nov 04 2019

How to Get Greta Back to Europe

World famous truant and climate militant Greta Thunberg is asking for suggestions on how she can get back across the Atlantic without contributing to harmless but politically incorrect CO2 emissions.

A big global warming circle jerk planned for Chile in December has been canceled due to political unrest. Via Breitbart:

The COP25 summit will now be held in Spain and she is pleading for public help to make the 6000-mile trip through carbon-free modes of transportation.

Greta tweets from Los Angeles:

Flying is out of the question. Air travel will be among the first things to be eradicated when envirocommies achieve sufficient control to impose a Green New Deal.

One carbon-neutral mode of transportation is the trebuchet. It might not work for such a long trip, but it wouldn’t warm the planet to try.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

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