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May 01 2023

How to Get in Trouble for Desecrating a Flag

There was no chance of moonbats getting in trouble for ripping up the Bible and the Thin Blue Line version of the American flag at SatanCon over the weekend, despite their juvenile faux-rebel posturing. In contrast, desecrating a flag representing the ideology of our ruling class has brought in the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force:

Police say the incident took place on the morning of April 15, when a suspect entered a building on West 95th Street and defecated on a Pride flag.

The man is also said to have taken a second Pride flag and wiped his backside with it before running off on Amsterdam Avenue.

The description given of the suspect is only helpful in that it describes him as wearing shoes that don’t match. To learn what he looks like, you have to watch the accompanying video: black guy, apparently a derelict. No doubt he is insane; you would have to be to publicly disrespect sexual depravity in a place like New York.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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