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Oct 11 2017

How to Lose What We Have

People could see it coming back in the 1950s:

Unfortunately, today’s radicalized Democrats are all for the Master Plan, to be devised and implemented by the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

On a tip from Torcer.

8 Responses to “How to Lose What We Have”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Plus… “Make Mine Freedom” (1948):

  2. Torcer says:

    From back in the day when people could be warned about the dangers of socialism.

    The Cultural Marxism came along and it was suddenly verboten to talks of such things.

    Now day the young folks think that socialism is something like social media or something…

  3. ramrodd says:

    Willing Demons

    What is the United States? It is not a republic as it
    follows no semblence of its Constitution, the very foundation of its power, of
    its authority. It is a system of terror, with the power to destroy lives with
    contrived charges; offhandedly encumbering citizens with debt and criminal
    charges on a whim. This is the very system our forefather’s fled and risked
    everything to resist. In effect, they have taken our citizenship, robbed us of
    our birthright.

    Yet, we do not fight.

    Freedom? They watch us as if we are all suspects. Cameras
    are everywhere; software tracks us; our new vehicles and cell phones will tell
    them where we are at any given moment. Our writings are recorded and available
    as evidence against us though no charges have been filed. The result of these
    intrusions into our lives will become the evidence upon which they will seek a
    warrant. That cannot be more backward from the intent of the

    Yet, we do not fight.

    Enemies of the people are encouraged to roam free among us,
    often at the informal invitation of the government. Our borders are not secure,
    there is no will to discriminate between honest immigrants seeking a better life
    and those intent on victimizing legal and legitimate citizens of the United

    Yet, we do not fight.

    Our economy, the very power that denies enemies to risk war
    on these shores, is no better than it was in 2009. Every figure compiled by the
    government is a ruse, it is fraud to mollify the people. Politicians lie and
    contrive to further the fraud to secure their own power with no regard for the
    dangerous waters they have navigated at our expense.

    Yet, we do not fight.

    The tax-paying citizens of this nation intent on doing right
    and living within the laws have been targeted by the very government they
    support. They have become the villains while true enemies have been coddled and
    encouraged. Every aspect of their lives have come under attack; their budgets,
    their religions, their privacy, their pastimes and their associations. Anything
    that will undermine the society of the typical American has become taboo, while
    all manner of deviance and decadence has been promoted; cheered on to

    Yet, we do not fight.

    If the ideals of life, liberty and property are not worth
    defending with our lives, we deserve none of them and have proved it with our
    inaction over the past ten years. There is not a single representative, senator,
    president or supreme court justice in office today who has not committed
    treason. Not one.

    Vote? Are you kidding me? There is no reason, beyond
    societal suicide, to vote for anyone willing to seek the office. It is a vote to
    destroy yourself; to forfeit your wealth; to eliminate your job; to incur the
    wrath of a jealous and vengeful government, because a government unloosed from
    those noble principles upon which this nation was founded can become nothing
    more than an evil among us and those seeking office its willing

    The only thing left to do is fight. Though it is much easier
    to believe in unicorns and watch TV.

  4. daPenguin says:

    except for the crap about us having the best union workforce in the world, he was spot on. Even in the 50s the unions were full of commies and apparently in the 50s they would not attack that sacred cow either.

  5. Bully says:

    As long as we have the internet and Venezuela it seems very unlikely that two mega-moonbats, Warren and Sanders, can cause the USA to go communist.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yup, that was the whole plan… “post-modernism” is (you guessed it).

  7. Frank says:

    This would be an excellent grade school introduction to American exceptionalism.

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