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Dec 07 2018

How to Spin Cooling Climate

What can liberal establishmentarians do when they have been screaming for an entire generation that we must give up our freedom, our money, our reliable sources of energy, our lifestyle, and even our diet because of global warming, and then the ever-fluctuating climate trends downward? What they do best: spin.

Bundle up. It looks like we are in for another Maunder Minimum — a dip in solar activity like the one associated with the Little Ice Age of circa 1300–1850.

Solar activity has been trending downward over the last few cycles, and the most recent one, known as Solar Cycle 24, has been the weakest in more than a century. This has sparked some speculation that we could be headed toward another Maunder-like dip — and, perhaps, a bit of a reprieve from some of the worst effects of global warming.

Or, to spin it from the opposite direction: Never mind all the hysterical screeching about global warming and the countless disastrous effects progressives told you it would have; the weather may take a turn for the cooler — as some have been saying for years now.

If so, watch for a reversion to the ice age hysteria the mainstream media hyped during the 1970s.

No one really knows what the climate will do, only that it will not stay the same. Maybe temperatures will go up. Then they can say that global warming is so powerful that it overwhelmed the Maunder Minimum, doubling the amount of wealth that must be forcibly redistributed before the climate gods are assuaged.

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