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Nov 30 2019

How to Stump a Liberal

To stump a liberal, first ask an easy question: “Should Donald Trump be impeached?” Then follow up with the stumper that not even Adam Schiff has been able to come up with an answer to: “On what grounds?”

Benny Johnson tries it out in the Democrat home base of California:

After the “What about Mike Pence?” stumper, another follow-up question for any moonbats who haven’t already been reduced to stuttering gibberish might be, “What long-term effect might it have on the stability of our constitutional republic if irresponsible politicians impeach the president without valid grounds merely as an election tactic?”

Not one of the moonbats interviewed in the video above would be likely to complain about a coup d’├ętat, so long as it places their fellow leftists in power; on the contrary, that is what they are effectively calling for.

Ronald Reagan warned that freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction. Millennials may turn out to be that generation.

On a tip from Chuck A.

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