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Jun 25 2016

How Would You Sabotage the GOP?

Maybe it comes close to tinfoil hat territory, but Steve Deace’s theory does fully explain the Trump campaign in all its incompetence:

I lean toward the theory that Trump’s campaign was a publicity stunt meant to enhance the value of his brand. When it got out of hand, he didn’t know how to get off the horse. Now he is trying to suck what money he can out of the campaign, while letting Shrillary win by neglecting to build an organization because he knows as well as anyone that he could not handle the presidency.

On a tip from Torcer.

67 Responses to “How Would You Sabotage the GOP?”

  1. calmly_observing says:

    Fascinating. So the theory goes >> Trump is cagey. He’s building his brand by alienating the vast majority of committed lefties by using terms that feed their “racist” meme. And he’s alienating the righties by torching their party.

    Genius! There couldn’t be a better way to build a brand!!!!!

    The only part that might make sense to me is this is may be his retirement exit strategy. But how much money could he pocket?? Even that seems like a tenuous theory.

  2. EngineerPoet says:

    If I wanted to destroy the Republican party, I’d suborn its leaders and even most of its TEA party reformers and get them to support the radical left agenda.  I’d get them to finance the two most destructive government actions in this century, Obamacare and Zero’s “administrative amnesty”, by failing to write spending on them out of a must-pass appropriations bill despite having a majority to pass it and massive public support.

    Boehner and Ryan have done a fine job of destroying the GOP, haven’t they?  And my own rep, elected on the TEA party platform in 2010, voted for that monstrosity of an omnibus bill.  He had to have been bribed.  The question is, who’s signing the checks?

    As Steve Sailer writes, the GOP base is forcing it to become the GAP, the Generic American Party.  The Generic American is what America was pre-1965:  White.  The other party is the Black party, and increasingly the Allahbot party; it came down for muslims against gays and hispanics after Orlando.

    If you want parties based on “principle”, you have to have a homogeneous population.  A multi-racial empire votes based on tribe, not philosophy.  The GOP was part of turning the USA into that empire.  When its death certificate is signed, it will read “suicide”.

  3. jack burns says:

    Cruz lost. Get over it.

  4. Stephen says:

    ^^^This is correct.

  5. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Just let Torcer put up more of his half assed comments. He’s doing a phenomenal job right now.

  6. geeknerd says:

    How DARE you criticize our Savior Trump (piece be upon Him)!

  7. calmly_observing says:

    The GOP was “White” pre-1965? You sure you have your facts right?

    I agree that modern progressives are entirely driven by identity. And they have yet to exhaust new categories (or tribes) to define and assign grievances. But even today the GOP is far from homogeneous once you discount the one monotheistic tribe – black Americans.

  8. Troll Magnet says:

    Riiiiight… the evil progressive trump wolf came along and destroyed from within the noble principled conservative republican party! What a joke! GOP has been in a tail spin since 2008. We tried our very best to save it, gave them landslide elections in 2010, 12, and 14. They kept promising to stop Obama and every time they stabbed us in the back! GOP is a joke and it needs to go, or at least needs to be destroyed from within and rebuilt in conservative image! Trump is the gigantic wrecking ball that’s long overdue. His greatest contributions to the political discourse are 1) showing the spineless RINOs how to handle and utterly humiliate the leftist media, and 2) shining a light on the cockroaches within our ranks who would rather vote for Hilary than embrace an outsider! With the amount of shitting on he’s dealing with from the GOP and bloggers like you he may just loose the election. We all know that is the entire GOP backed him he would be unstoppable… but that’s against the establishment interests so they’re willing to let the country burn rather than loose their grip on power. TRAITORS!!! ALL OF THEM ARE TRAITORS!!!

  9. Gospace says:

    Monolithic, not monotheistic.

  10. calmly_observing says:

    I liken most of the “causes” of progressives (left and right) as religious in nature. Why else eschew facts?

  11. MAS says:

    You’re in love with him…admit it.

  12. EngineerPoet says:

    The GOP was “White” pre-1965?

    No; America was.  The minorities were minorities.

  13. Stephen says:

    He didn’t say that the GOP was white pre-1965, he said America was white pre-1965. Notwithstanding that 10% of the population was black, white folks were politically and culturally hegemonous.

  14. Stephen says:

    You’re quicker on the draw than me today.

  15. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Torcer is a fool.

  16. Mogumbo Gono says:

    “I lean toward the theory that Trump’s campaign was a publicity stunt meant to enhance the value of his brand. When it got out of hand, he didn’t know how to get off the horse.”

    Since that’s total nonsense, there’s a clear divergence of possibilities here: either this blog owner is off his meds, or he’s been co-opted in one way or another.

    His comment does not have a shred of factual suppoerting evidence. It’s simply an off the wall, baseless opinion. If Donald Trump wanted to cash in on his position, he could sell out to the Dems at this point for literally $BILLIONS. Is there any doubt?

    The Hillary camp would jump at the chance to offer Trump endless construction contracts at whatever price he named, in return for eliminating his seriously threatening candidacy. Trump’s hotels and golf courses would be booked solid by the DNC for the next 8 years.

    After all, it’s not Hillary’s money, is it? But President Hillary could easily “administer” the money (since she would be ‘the Administration’.)

    And there are plenty of other ways to cash in. Didn’t Obama hand over around $20 billion in taxpayer loot to ACORN? And many $billions more in “loan guarantees” to Solyndra, and dozens of similar failed projects? A federal loan guarantee is worth its weight in gold, because with it you can get absolutely rock-bottom interest rates. You can set up a corporation certain to fail like Solyndra, and walk away with the bank’s money — which will be billed to the taxpayers.

    If Trump wanted to, he could triple or quadruple his net worth — very easily, and risk-free.

    So the false claim that this is a “publicity stunt” that The Donald can’t see his way out of doesn’t pass the smell test. When you come right down to it, it’s nothing but bearing false witness. It’s lying about someone to hurt them. But you’re really hurting the millions of folks who want Trump to derail the Obama Express. Why aren’t you among them?

    Next, the bogus claim that Trump “knows as well as anyone that he could not handle the presidency.” is errant nonsense. Where did that come from? Anyone who successfully runs a multi-billion dollar conglomerate of interlocking businesses knows far more about running the country than Hillary Clinton — or John McCain, or Jimmy Carter, or Barry Obama, Michael Dukakis, or just about any other candidate. So if you’re going to make false assertions, try to avoid the really bogus ones.

    In the primaries Donald Trump spent only $64,729,675 to destroy 16 opponents, who spent a combined total of $701,293,230 — more than TEN TIMES more than Trump. They still lost. Obviously, Donald Trump knows how to use his money effectively. And his recent appeal for funds brought in $11 million in only two days.

    Next, the canard that Trump is “letting” Hillary Clinton win is not only disingenuous, it presumes that a self-made billionaire businessman is simply too friggin’ stupid to know what to do at this point. That’s so preposterous that there must be an unspoken agenda at work here.

    Donald Trump has discussed running for President many times over the past twenty five years. He’s been asked about it in repeated interviews. He was in the ROTC, so he obviously cares about America, far more than any Democrat, and probably more than any Republican candidate.

    Finally, if I was trying to “sabotage the GOP”, I would make Paul Ryan Speaker of the House, and I’d support a RINO for President. Those are the people trying to sabotage the GOP, not the millions of Trump’s suppporters who steamrollered Ryan and the rest of them.

    Once again, I call on this blog to stop the attacks on the only person who can stop Hillary Clinton from getting elected!

    Hillary is AGAINST every one of Donald Trumps Initiatives:

    1. Mandate e-verify

    2. Strengthen and Re-Build Our Military

    3. End Visa-overstays

    4. Stop Amnesty

    5. Improve Border Enforcement/Control Our Borders

    6. End Illegal Immigration rewards

    7. Build the Wall

    8. Create an Illegal Alien Hotline

    9. Cut off Federal Funding for ‘Sanctuary Cities’

    10. Create “Sheriff Joe Prisons” for Illegal Aliens convicted of committing crimes here in the U.S. — beyond the crime of already being here ILLEGALLY!

    H.R. Clinton will never do any of those things. She will give Amnesty to every Illegal in the country, and continue Obama’s ‘open borders’ policy of bringing in millions more Islamists, Central Africans, South Americans, and anyone else who want to come here.

    Those immigrants have no skills. They will be put on the dole at taxpayer expense — at a cost of more than $20 Thousand dollars per Illegal, per year. You think your taxes are high now?

    This makes no sense to me. Why is this blog constantly attacking the one person who can reverse Obama’s anti-American policies?

    For every reason to attack Trump, there are dozens of better reasons to attack Hillary. Attacking her and the Democrats’ policies would take up more space than this blog has.

    So what’s really going on here?

  17. MyRightPenguin says:

    The people here think they are smart but they aren’t, because they were unable to do their research and realize what a fraud Cruz is.

  18. DavidD says:

    Fine. Why did any Republicans vote for him?

    That’s what I don’t understand. Sure, let a Democrat run for the Republican Party nomination.

    How is that a winning strategy?

    And yet it was–at least as far as the primaries were concerned.


  19. Chris Mallory says:

    How to sabotage the GOP? Easy, nominate Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain and Romney. Expel any citizens who are against the globalist agenda of invade the world/invite the world. Pursue the big government needed to support the wars against the American people known as the War on (some) Drugs and the War on (some) Terrorism. Import millions of immigrants while shipping jobs overseas.

    Sounds like the GOP sabotaged itself. It is a shame it wasn’t strangled in the crib before it elected the tyrant Lincoln.

  20. 762x51 says:

    Speaking of spineless cockroaches, when are you going to man up and meet me, pussy?

    Hey, will tRump be enlisting the help of his close personal friends John Boehner and Mitch McConnell in this great rebuilding of a conservative image? He has already said he wants to include the conservative Bernie voters and other Marxists in this great victory and doesn’t want Republican conservatives. Maybe the restrictions on the First and Second Amendments he has announced support for will help in rebuilding that conservative image.

    I know you dickless wonders love to tout that “tRump received more votes in the primaries than any Republican in history”. The reality is that Hillary received more votes in her primary races than tRump did in his. People who dislike them, will not vote for them in a general election so Hillary will probably win as current polls demonstrate. That is all on you ass sucking twits who shoved tRump down everyone’s throat. Now it’s time to face reality and learn the difference between a plurality candidate and a majority candidate. Pricks like you turn off more people on tRump every time you open your sperm receptacle, the one on your face, not the other one.

    One thing you got right, tRump is a gigantic wrecking ball, he will complete the destruction of America and you will have helped. Now squawk like a good little parrot for us.

  21. 762x51 says:

    Said the elitist, closeted homosexual swine.

    Torcer posts comments with documentation to back up his positions. Meanwhile, all you ever post is your elite, fascist opinions and edicts without a shred of evidence to back them up. Yet Torcer is the one posting “half-assed comments”.

    Another tour de force in Alinsky Progressive tactics brought to you by a Trumpanzee fascist called Eddie G Spot. He loves to bully people on the Internet but can’t back it up in the real world. tRump is Eddies last hope to see his fascist dreams come true because, being in his mid-70’s, he probably won’t live long enough to see the 2020 election cycle.

    Hey G Spot, here’s a way to guard your manhood, if you ever acquire any.

  22. MAS says:

    He’s not your fool though eh?

  23. 762x51 says:

    All true, but you forgot to include Mitch McConnell. He has played at least as large a role in the destruction of the GOP as Boehner and more than Ryan,

    One of the main players who has been signing corruption, pay for access, checks for decades is Donald Trump. He is exactly what is wrong with the current “system”, not the solution.

    I don’t believe you have to have a homogeneous population to have a party or a system based on principles. You do need a consistent set of common values which is why Progressives have focused their efforts on cultural rot for decades. However their master plan, as always, involves a multi-vector attack utilizing a loosening of cultural values, personal responsibility and laws. For example, the cultural Marxists push an agenda of libertine behavior including promiscuity, intoxication and sloth. They then put in place sets of laws to give themselves control over those who break those laws. Laws like DUI, drug possession, etc. all serve to give them greater control over a wider cross section of the population because they have told those people it is Ok to behave that way.

    As Ayn Rand observed, “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” That observation demonstrates why the Progressives have moved on from DUI and drug possession laws to verbal infractions which can then be used to abrogate Constitutional rights, often without due process such as in the case of the “no fly list” or veterans being treated for PTSD being stripped of their firearms, etc.

    Principles are color blind, people are not. Once principles have been removed from the social contract equation, Progressives can begin to substitute “collective rights” which come from them in place of individual rights which come from God. Therein lies the reason why Christianity must be destroyed. They must remove those teachings which underpin our societal principles in order to substitute their phony religion, where they are the deity, in its place.

    Principles are the codification of acceptable societal behavior, without them, the mob rules, regardless of party or race or “tribe”.

    I recommend reading Ayn Rand’s treatise on “Collective Rights” she says it better than I can.

  24. pocketfrog says:

    “If Donald Trump wanted to cash in on his position, he could sell out to the Dems at this point for literally $BILLIONS. Is there any doubt?”
    Why on Earth would the Dems want Donald to drop out? He’s ensured that the GOP will lose Hispanics for at least the next ten years, he said that one of the top three functions of the Federal government is healthcare, and he’s caused a Civil War in the party. The Dems should send him a gift basket.

    And he couldn’t care less about the damage done because he’s not a career politician. As soon as he’s bored of the race he’ll drop out to play golf and tell endless stories about he smashed his GOP rivals.

  25. EngineerPoet says:

    Yeah, I left out McConnell.  I’m already writing one book, I wasn’t ready to do another.

  26. 762x51 says:

    Nice. I hope Boehner receives the drubbing in it he so richly deserves.

  27. Mogumbo Gono says:

    769×15 says:

    when are you going to man up and meet me, pussy?

    That’s very brave, hiding behind your anonymous screen name. Is that you, Huma?


    …Hillary received more votes in her primary races than tRump did

    Hillary had one opponent. Trump had sixteen. Including yours. He beat them all.


    Trump said he wants to include the conservative Bernie voters…

    But that’s exactly what Ronald Reagan did. He appealed to the Democrats who were fed up with the turn their party had taken. But Reagan didn’t have fake conservatives like you trying to sabotage him with juvenile name calling, for example:

    …spineless cockroaches… pussy… you dickless wonders… Pricks like you… you ass sucking twits… every time you open your sperm receptacle, the one on your face…

    You don’t have very many friends, do you? Didn’t think so. And it’s clear that your guy lost:

    …you ass sucking twits who shoved tRump down everyone’s throat.

    Now the truth comes out: your RINO lost, so you’re being a crybaby.

    The media is playing you RINO worshipers like a pipe organ. You’re dancing to their tune and you don’t even know it.

    Being the media’s sockpuppet might just get you Hillary Clinton. And it will be 110% your fault.

    Prima Donnas who can’t accept the choice of the majority are throwing juvenile tantrums now, hoping to sabotage the only chance this country has of derailing the Obama agenda. But of course, your feelings are more important than what happens to the country, right?

    Instead of supporting the one guy who could easily win if it weren’t for pretend conservatives attacking him, think about what you’re doing by supporting Hillary Clinton. Or maybe that’s your real agenda, hmm-m?

  28. Troll Magnet says:

    Given the vile shitdrip coming out of his mouth left and right, I’m starting to think 762×51 is a closet homosexual who really hates himself, so he takes it out on the web.
    Be careful, if you keep this up he may call you out to a gun fight to the death! Oh how scary he is!

  29. Troll Magnet says:

    This blog runs more anti Trump posts than anti Hilary. I wonder who’s really pulling strings around here…

  30. EngineerPoet says:

    The book has a political side, but it’s a work of fiction.  I’ve got no interest in writing biography or exposés.

    I’ve already decided to give all those cucks what they deserve… no mention whatsoever.  The names of politicos may be recognizable as references but none will be theirs.

  31. tfhr says:

    Re-elect them? Absolutely not.

    True TEA party Republicans need to do one of two things:

    1. Oust the RINO vestiges that continue to ignore the rest of us

    2. Form a new party and oust the RINO vestiges that continue to ignore the rest of us.

    Oh yeah, run on a platform that includes TERM LIMITS for every political position in the United States, move election day to the day after tax day, implement a flat tax for EVERYONE and eliminate the bag limit on lawyers for at least one day each month.

    You’re welcome.

  32. FrozenPatriot says:

    Good luck.

    …with convincing Tea Partiers to shrink the criminal gang known as “government”. Once any of them hear that the criminals aren’t allowed by the Constitution to give them free drugs (known as medicare part D), they’ll be as pro-criminal-gang as the rest of them…

    The demographic train already went over the cliff. Time to enjoy a few moments of weightlessness and tell your loved ones how much they mean before the inevitable peril which is now just a matter of time.

    Freedom was cool while it lasted. R.I.P. 1776-2001.

  33. FrozenPatriot says:

    They didn’t know any better. The funny man from the idiot box on the wall said exciting stuff to the boring men, and then he entertained the mouth-breathing masses all the way to the convention. When entertainment is valued higher than principles, you get Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

  34. FrozenPatriot says:

    The only nongovernmental political entity in the world wealthy enough to hang an irresistible carrot in front of the Donald’s nose is the Clinton foundation. They’ve funneled hundreds of billions of dollars, and another 10 or 100 billion to secure the presidency is simply a good investment from the Clinton’s perspective. The amount of money they will steal from the american people during Hitlery’s two terms will be staggering.

    Combine that with the fact that Trump is a great actor (as evidenced by his many years leading successful idiot-box shows), and I’d be entirely unsurprised if news broke today that Trump has indeed been paid off.

    As for the timing, he’d be a fool for revealing things before the convention, at which the republican party can still fix their mistake.

  35. FrozenPatriot says:

    The certificate was signed in late 2001. It said “Patriot Act”.

  36. Daniel says:

    Except that you missed out on what a frugal business man does when it comes to spending and wasting money. He didn’t need to waste money in the traditional way to get media coverage. He never has.

    Rebelling against the narrative held both by Democrats AND Republicans is what makes Trump the winner. You’ve missed that simple fact as well… and just as in Reagan’s case, he’s pulling from traditionally Democrat voters to win.

    With all the talk about “conservative” I have yet to understand how any of the long held “true conservatives” actually are… you know… “conservative.”

    You’re largely a group of people who understand and applaud why the Brexit was important for the right. And yet, when it comes to rebelling against fake conservatives doing EXACTLY the same globalist things, it’s something else.

    Trump is presently destroying Hillary. She will duck, dodge and avoid any debates with Trump. If she does get on stage with Trump, she’ll duck out in the middle with a cough attack. Her M.O. is to operate in secrecy. She would never stand on stage in the sunlight.

    You guys just don’t have a clue that people see right through your echo-chamber talking points and it’s easy to see why they are all demonstrably wrong. In the end, if all of that “throwing the election” nonsense were true, he wouldn’t be attacking her as he does and he wouldn’t be actively trying to draw in traditionally Democrat voters to his side. That doesn’t seem to work with your position does it?

  37. Daniel says:

    Cruz demonstrates consistently that he is a sociopathic globalist. He lost a LOT of support with his Ben Carson sabotage stunt — a LOT of support. There is absolutely no justifying what he did by any moral or conservative standard. I’d like to see the Cruzlims try. They just can’t get outside of their own narrative to see things as they are.

    What makes me laugh is that these same people see the dangers of the globalist push and cheer on the Brexit while at the same time ignoring how Cruz and others they champion are IN SUPPORT or the same globalist initiatives for this country.

  38. Daniel says:

    You probably missed it when McConnell’s superPAC transferred a LOT of money to the Cruz superPAC during the primaries.

  39. Daniel says:

    Becoming POTUS and setting the USA back on top is Trump’s retirement exit strategy. His ego would not allow him to destroy his image or anything that he would hand down to his children.

  40. RoseD1st says:

    Amen to that

  41. jamson64 says:

    Enjoy Hillary anti Trumpers. You’re doing her work for her. YOU own her.

  42. jamson64 says:

    Hillary lover, YOU gave them nothing better. That’s why, effing dimwit.

  43. jamson64 says:


  44. jamson64 says:

    Lame, you’re a little tiny thinker.

  45. Ed. G. Mann says:

    You don’t need to guard a manhood, you don’t have one to protect.

  46. Ed. G. Mann says:

    He’s carrying water for the liberal polls. When asked what is in those polls, the demographics and such, he doesn’t know. For all he knows, the polls could have been taken in the NY Times news room.

  47. MAS says:

    So, you want him (and us) to join you in your slavish devotion to the Donald and because your love is unrequited you come here and whine about it? That how you intend to win hearts and minds Ed?

  48. Troll Magnet says:

    The contempt the #NeverTrump’ers have for the rest of us is staggering.

  49. Palm Beach Bum says:

    If Clinton wins the election it will be because of the Never Trump Republicans. Then they will tell us how they were right that Trump couldn’t win. The truth is these people are the constitutional conservatives who thought they were the heart and soul of the party, but all they ever were is the constituency the rinos pander to with their lies about small government. Hurt and mad about it, they are hell bent on destroying this country, which is what will happen if Clinton wins.

  50. Jon Green says:

    1) Just as Obama easily beat cuck-Romney w/out Trump’s help, Hillary would have easily beaten cucks Jeb! or Marco w/out Trump’s help.
    2) Deace concedes that “most people are tired of voting for career politicians”.
    Jeb!, Marco and Cruz are career politicians. Perhaps Deace could have told us which non-career politicians we were supposed to support.
    3) Neo-Cons/globalists sabotaged the GOP…not Trump.

    Steve Deace’s theory does fully explain Steve Deace in all his incompetence:

  51. 762x51 says:

    Said the chicken shit who can’t back up his elitist dream of fascist control over everyone else.

    I’m ready, willing and able to back up what I say with deadly force. You cannot or will not because you are a coward and a shriveled up old wretch.

    You haven’t got what it takes to silence me, so go fuck yourself, G Spot chicken shit.

  52. 762x51 says:

    No ass breath, I don’t want Hillary OR her donor. I guess you would rather vote for the NY Progressive, not the other NY Progressive, very discerning of you.

    If you had read any of the exchanges between maggot and I you would have seen repeated offers to meet him in single combat, in person. But as a Progressive tRump drone, facts don’t matter to you, deceit is your primary weapon.

    Most who didn’t vote for tRump in the primaries are unlikely to vote for him in the general election. Not because of the plethora of other candidates, but because, like his supporters, he is a total and complete fascist asshole. Over 70% of the country dislike tRump so how does that translate into “a guy who could easily win”, jackass? Congratulations, douche bag, you imbeciles managed to find the one asshole in America that is more unlikable than the vile Hillary Clinton.

    Like all Trumpanzees, you want to make your failure everyone else’s responsibility. That is a clear demonstration of your Progressive ideology. The stench of Alinsky has become pervasive here at MB. Like your cult leader, you think you can intimidate everyone into joining your cult of personality. You cannot intimidate me, you cannot silence me and you cannot force me to become one of you. All you can do is try to kill me, that is the only way to stop me.

    As I would with any Progressive vermin, I will fight, whether it is you, maggot, Hitlery, or any other Progressive fuck, it makes no difference to me. You all have to be removed anyway in order to re-establish the Constitution.

    Now go slip into your Alex Jones PJ’s and masturbate to your picture of “the Donald”.

  53. 762x51 says:

    So scary, in fact, that you are terrified to meet me and prove I’m not what I say I am. As I have said, the offer applies to any of you Progressive filth, not just you, cock whore.

    Your cowardice is all that protects you.

    Man up or shut up, chicken shit.

  54. 762x51 says:

    Torcer is carrying water for the liberal polls? LOLOLOLOL,

    OMG, that is hilarious. That’s almost as funny as the time you said nuclear reactors produce nuclear warheads and every bit as accurate, such a classic.

    Too bad your private school, Home Ec classes didn’t teach you how to think for yourself, G Spot.

  55. 762x51 says:

    You have earned it, maggot.

  56. 762x51 says:

    The Alinsky is strong in this one. Since your opinions are far less substantiated by documentation than what this site owner presents, it must be you who is either off your meds or a shill for Hillary or Donnie, they are the same.

    You waltz in here more than ten years after MB started and have the unmitigated gall to announce that Blount is off his meds or a shill for the left? Then you ass suckers just can’t understand we have nothing but contempt for you.

    Go fuck yourself, troll.

  57. Ed. G. Mann says:

    No slavish devotion to the Donald. The GOPe want Trump to lose because that keeps their power along with the Donks. Sooner or later you will realize those elite don’t care who wins since they divide the spoils much like the tennis pros do; they split the winnings then go play.

    Meanwhile you think the candidate THEY put up is working for you. You’ll, hopefully sooner rather than too late.

    With Hillary, Wall Street wins and both Party elites do too. With Trump, not so much.

  58. Torcer says:

    No, this is all the doing of those who are uninformed.
    Did you actually look a the video?

  59. Torcer says:

    “I lean toward the theory that Trump’s campaign was a publicity stunt meant to enhance the value of his brand. When it got out of hand, he didn’t know how to get off the horse.”

    Since that’s total nonsense,

    Are you denying the evidence that was the case?

  60. Torcer says:

    Seems like quite a few of those voters were leftists:

    12 Million Democrats voted in the Republican Primaries
    After a lot of work I have finished my math calculations. A simple effort will show that from 2000 to 2008 there was a change in Primary votes of 10-12 million. Ten million more Republicans and 12 million less Democrats. But this is child’s play. Getting deeper, examining States with close polling prior to the registration requirements, States with a clear winner in polls prior to registration change requirements, and you can set patterns.

    Using 2000 and 2008 as baselines, the conclusion was staggering. Trump only got about 3.3 million Republican Votes. The rest are Democrats, approximately 12 million of them.

    I also found via my studies by going back to 1992 that this behavior is not new, in fact even when there is a tight contest about 5% will “strategically vote” in the Republican Party primary/caucus. Even more disturbing is that it appears that there may be even a 5% not normally detectable, of Republicans who only vote Democrat. Aka plants that we always knew existed.

    In some circumstances the vote differences were so extreme that it defies explanation. Only for one election did I not find good information, and that being an incumbent versus a challenger I could ignore it safely.

    Of 31 million who voted in the Republican Primary 38% approximately were Democrats.

    Even in Oregon, a Closed Primary, we saw 110,000 change registration in time, and my calculations are approximately 80,000 voted for the perceived weakest candidates. They chose our Presidential Candidate, they chose our US Senate Candidate, and they chose our Governor Candidate. Ironically they did not vote strongly down ticket including for Secretary of State, and this assisted in my efforts to calculate the percentage who actually voted versus those who did not.

  61. MAS says:

    “Sooner or later you will realize those elite don’t care who wins since they divide the spoils much like the tennis pros do; they split the winnings then go play.”

    “Sooner or later you will realize those elite don’t care who wins since they divide the spoils much like the tennis pros do; they split the winnings then go play.”

    You believe you can read my mind now eh Ed? I’m probably decades ahead of you in the first quote and the second one too. Besides your dishonest self is voting for the Libtardtarian (Johnson was it?) but beating the drum for Trump just to stir the pot.

  62. 762x51 says:

    You cannot have a discussion with an elitist dirtbag like G Spot. He has no moral character upon which to base values or a belief system. You are absolutely about Eddie’s dishonesty. He espouses that “libertarian” BS then comes up with gems like :

    ” . . . Turn her loose saying “You are right, we’re sorry.” Then we need to have a “Fog and Night” program to remove these individuals from society. You’re not going to change them, educate them and incarcerating them only costs us money.
    A civilized culture isn’t prepared to deal with this nor with what is in the prisons. For the severe crimes, the death penalty, with one bite at the apple and the punishment has to be carried out within one year. Lesser crimes get their penalties; recidivism gets “Fog and Night”.
    Fog and Night comes from the Nazis and Argentina and Brazil. Paraguay and Uruguay plus Nicaragua, Peru and Chile had variations on this method of getting rid of individuals inimical to polite society. Mexico doesn’t do to bad a job either.” – Ed. G. Mann 06/05/2016

    G Spot is a fascist Progressive from the ground up in every direction, How many “libertarians” run around pushing plans created by the Nazi’s?

    Disagree with him and he will berate and bully you because that is what his demigod does. He hates me because I cannot be intimidated and when challenged, he can’t back up his pathetic rhetoric.

  63. MAS says:

    “You cannot have a discussion with an elitist dirtbag…”

    True but very few actual conversations take place on the net anyway. The net is a haven for keyboard warriors and liars. Most of us are as honest as our fallen nature permits but the medium does not allow for in depth exchange.

    “Disagree with him and he will berate and bully…”

    Ed is bits and bytes on a screen, he can only bully if we allow. Water off a duck’s back 308, water off a duck’s back.

  64. FrozenPatriot says:

    How is it my responsibility to give them something better? I’ll be surprised if you can muster a coherent answer.

  65. 762x51 says:

    Which is why I try to force them into the real world, make them put some skin in the game, they won’t do it, I will.

    He and the others have bullied a lot of people so that the number of posters on MB is down. One of the reasons I decided to stand against these vermin is because they were going unopposed, not good where fascism is concerned.

    Imagine how many people would be alive today if a strong, principled , forceful stand were made against the Nazi’s in 1937 or the Islamo-Nazis in 737. Would Adolf Hitler have risked his own life to make his nightmare come true? Not a chance. The difference would be in the hundreds of millions if not more considering the generations that were never born because of those who died before procreating.. That’s a lot of lives to save, it is unfathomable to me that people are so wrapped up in themselves that they give no thought to those unborn future generations and the duty they owe to them to see that they are given the same freedom that we have/had today. I find it unconscionable to ignore that duty.

  66. FrozenPatriot says:

    Are you going to answer my question, effing dimwit? For some reason, I doubt it.

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