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Mar 23 2020

How Wuhan Virus Could Save Lives in Ohio

In Ohio, Wuhan virus could save more lives than it ends, thanks to it throwing sand in the gears of the abortion industry:

The Ohio Attorney General’s office ordered abortion clinics in the state to stop performing “nonessential” abortions and surgeries amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to letters the AG’s office sent.

The idea is to preserve medical resources for victims of the virus. “Nonessential” abortions would cover most all of them.

There are 247 confirmed coronavirus cases in Ohio and three people have died from the virus, according to CNN’s latest tally.

For perspective,

In 2017, 20,630 abortions were provided in Ohio…

That comes to 1,719 per month. Coronavirus has a long way to go to achieve that mortality rate in Ohio.

On a tip from Lyle.

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