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Jul 27 2020

How You Can Tell the Bureaucrats Are Back in DC

Despite the ongoing overreaction to the Chinese virus, our deep state overlords have been heading back to work. How can you tell, considering that the vast majority of them do nothing useful? This is how you can tell:

Online porn viewing in Washington, dormant since most offices closed in March, has started to spike as more workers have returned to their cubicles in the federal city.

At the height of the virus, porn viewing spiked in the Washington suburbs, because apparatchiks were “working” from home.

According to one popular website, Stripchat, weekly users have gone from about 3,000 in Washington during the coronavirus shutdown to about 55,000.

The uptick began the same week government employees started heading back to the office.

Traffic has been peeking from 10 am to 4 pm — office hours for bureauweenies who show up late and leave early while the rest of us work ourselves into the ground to pay their bloated salaries and extravagant benefits.

On a tip from Grumpy Cat.

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