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Jul 23 2013

HUD Announces Plans to Ghettoize Entire USA

The liberal “Model City” Detroit has been a dramatic success for progressive social engineers, pointing the way to our glorious utopian future. Can our wise rulers fundamentally transform all of America into a vast Greater Detroit? Federal bureauweenies at the Department of Housing and Urban Development jut their receding chins into the air and affirm, “Yes we can!”

To ensure that “every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of,” HUD has published a new fair-housing regulation intended to give people access to better neighborhoods than the ones they currently live in.

Why don’t the people pandered to by HUD feel proud of their own neighborhoods? Because they are cesspools. Why are they cesspools? Because the people pandered to by HUD live in them. The solution is obvious: spread the seed of decay to all corners of the country, turn the entire nation into a cesspool, and we will all have equality under our liberal rulers’ heels.

The goal is to help communities understand “fair housing barriers” and “establish clear goals” for “improving integrated living patterns and overcoming historic patterns of segregation.”

Imposing “integrated living patterns” means that if the federal government has its way, no one will have the option of raising their children somewhere safe from crime, violence, and degeneracy.

Once again we see that in the Information Age, our masters forge chains from information. Barks HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan:

“HUD will provide data for every neighborhood in the country, detailing the access African American, Latino, Asian, and other communities have to local assets, including schools, jobs, transportation, and other important neighborhood resources that can play a role in helping people move into the middle class.”

You might notice that the whites who traditionally have constituted the vast majority of the American population are not listed as members of the rainbow utopia. That’s because we are slated for marginalization and eventual eradication. To fundamentally transform is to erase and replace.

The oligarchical collectivist masterminds’ plans are grandiose:

“Make no mistake, this is a big deal,” Donovan said. “With the HUD budget alone, we are talking about billions of dollars.”

The genius is that those $billions are to be stolen from the very people whose neighborhoods will be reduced to slums.

Yet again we see that to take a penny of your own money back from the federal government is to become a vassal of the federal government:

Under the Fair Housing Act, HUD requires grantees, such as cities, that receive federal housing funds to “affirmatively further fair housing.”

Neighborhoods didn’t just drop out of the sky. They were built by the people who live in them. But what Affirmative Action has done to the presidency, it will eventually do to every neighborhood in the country, until they are all exactly the same (excepting the wealthy region ringing Washington). Then people will finally get it through their heads that there is no use building anything because bureaucrats will only snatch it away and hand it over to someone who despises it for destruction. The term for this is “social justice.”

What they did to Detroit, they will do to your neighborhood — on purpose.

On tips from Dr. 9, Mickey Shea, DJ, and Matt L.

36 Responses to “HUD Announces Plans to Ghettoize Entire USA”

  1. Alphamail says:

    And the BEAT goes on.

    “Teenagers again…!”

    Conceal carry all the time, everywhere. If enough people start defending themselves by blowing some of deez’ utes’ away the noise might wake up a sleeping media.

    Besides aggressively defending ourselves, somebody needs to start a high profile billboard campaign and create a powerful documentary.

  2. Ike says:

    I hope that HUD starts out its glorious crusade for equal access to diversity in neighbors in the San Francisco area, where lily-white liberals have been forcing protected minorities out of housing in the Bay area and south. If I recall the numbers correctly, roughly half of the minority population in that area is MIA, moved out by zoning, rent controls, eminent domain and similar local and state government actions. They won’t, though; they’ll start in some working-class neighborhood, where the folks moved out of majority-black or Hispanic areas to avoid the crime and horrible schools and racist local government/school boards. Our masters don’t have to live in a sewer; only us.

  3. Quotes be Fun says:

    “You can’t desegregate your self from the slum, for the slum is not the builds nor the community, if you could take the people from the slum it would only become a slum where they lived, it’s the people who make it a slum, you could no more then give these people in the slum millions of dollars and come back later and it would still be a slum, while at the same time you can take these other people move them into a slum and then come back and find a paradise.”

    Cassius Clay aka Muhammed Ali

  4. forest says:

    Nothing is more effective than public housing when it comes to destroying neighborhoods permanently. It’s absolutely malignant.

  5. Flu-Bird says:

    HUD is just another goverment buracracy it needs to be total abolished just like the DEPT of ENERGY,DEPT of HOMELAND SECURATY,EEOC,EPA,DEPT of the INTERIOR, and ameroca needs to totaly pull out of the evil UNITED NATIONS

  6. forest says:

    Just remember moonbats, you voted for this destruction. Hope you enjoy the public housing next door. And remember back when your trophy kid and moved to the suburbs with the excuse that it was “for the school district”. Well, that’ll be ruined too. Hope your kid doesn’t get beat up too much.

  7. ODA315 says:

    If Obama built a city, it’d look like Detroit.

  8. Milwaukee says:

    You gotta admit these leftist-socialist-progressive-Democrats are clever. Those who would destroy our country get the hardworking honest and decent taxpayers to fund their own destruction. “How do you get to Leavenworth? Don’t pay your taxes!” Yet our tax dollars support those who hate tax payers.

  9. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Bad mortgages didn’t do the job, so it’s going to be up to HUD to totally tear apart the fabric of America by destroying every neighborhood and town.

    Look at this venue, if you want a picture of the future.

  10. Goldenfoxx says:

    “What they did to Detroit, they will do to your neighborhood — on purpose.”

    Uh, no they won’t, they can’t handle living where I live, and you don’t see too many ghetto types living in the forest. Maybe the burbs.

  11. whotothewhat says:

    Well I hope to have my house paid off soon..Then look for some remote location no leftwing dependent would ever want to live and setup a new base camp. In the mean time locked and loaded. Screw this commie garbage government.

  12. Laurie says:


    If Obama had a brother in London, he’d look like this guy:


  13. Eleanor in Hell says:

    Quit complaining, Franklin.
    Lucifer provides each of us with fire… pain… misery… torment…

    Yes, I guess you’re right. 🙁

  14. oldguy says:

    Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Aren’t we whites supposed to be evil and blacks should stay away from us? Looks like they want to rub elbows with us in hopes some white will rub off on them.

  15. Xavier says:

    Well it worked for the school system didn’t it? /

  16. That’s why I lie to government data collectors every chance I get. Their HUD forms will find that my neighborhood already had the “right mix”. Since color and race have no real provable definitions, they can be whatever you say they are.

    So what if the govt has a huge data base if the information in it is full of bad information

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  18. Fiberal says:

    As I have mentioned in several rants about the Amnesty Immigration Bill, millions of new immigrants will be flooding into cities all over the country and each and every individual will need a place to live.

    In is inevitable that your house will soon be next door to 24/7 fiesta music, loud voices, loud cars, loud louds. Crime, drugs, emergencies and trash will be a common way of life.

    On your dime.

    This is the platform, and through imminent domain, that the federal government will compell ever more compliant state and city governments, to force low income squalor into your neighborhood.

    Keep napping.

  19. Barry says:

    The REAL question is what can be done to STOP this madness? OBVIOUSLY this is all an attempt to ruin the vestiges of white america. Crime will go up, schools will go down as they look to steal even MORE from white Americans. What can reasonably be done to stop this madness??

  20. Barry says:

    Don’t forget as well. This is an attempt to spread more democrats around.. So sad

  21. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:
    RIP USA.

  22. Vic Kelley says:

    “You might notice that the whites who traditionally have constituted the vast majority of the American population are not listed as members of the rainbow utopia. That’s because we are slated for marginalization and eventual eradication. To fundamentally transform is to erase and replace.”

    You get it. Sometimes I feel like a voice in the wilderness. Glad to know others see the true intentions of the “cherish diversity” crowd.

    Pensacola, Florida’s a little ahead in this dirty game of forced integration of coloreds into the middle class. The local housing commission is aggressive in building little clusters of “apartments” in good neighborhoods. The tenants are always the same, and so far the process is always the same. Crime rises. Whites leave. And the Habitat for Humanity homes down here are part of that same process.

    We can fight and we can win.

  23. Alan says:

    The ethnic makeup of any town is available online, courtesy wikipedia and the US census. I bought a cheap house in a town that’s about 85% white, the highest of any suburb on the north end of my city. It’s quiet and safe here. The commute is a few miles longer but well worth it.

  24. Ginsengbull says:

    So how will they get whites to move into Detroit?

    Cheap housing?

  25. depwavid says:

    The cheapest way of implementing Agenda 21 I can think of: send in a bunch of simian wrecking balls to anywhere that hasn’t yet been subjugated. Molon labe!

  26. Bo Jangles says:

    Do you think the bleeding-heart social engineers know that there’s no such thing as a builder who builds slums? Wherever you put the welfare parasites who actually created those slums, they will create more slums. For generations, Dems have taught them that no matter how many homes they destroy, the govt. will always give them new ones to destroy.

    And what of the White taxpayers who have to pay for all those slums? Oh, they’ll just keep paying, since they don’t have the brains nor the will to do anything else.

  27. Bob Smith says:

    I don’t think this is about “diverse neighborhoods”. It’s about tipping the voting balance of voting districts. Take blacks out of their 100% Democrat district, and strategically move them into districts with a slight Republican leaning and you can create a dozen new Democrat districts.

  28. Momster says:

    My mother-in-law was living in an elderly apartment building. Suddenly younger, seedy-looking people began moving in. Then about 1/3 of the apartments were no longer inhabited by little-old-lady types and now by hollow-eyed, dangerous-looking, seedy types. The little old people were afraid to go to the laundry room where the ne’er do wells hung about trying to steal their laundry quarters. The hang-abouts (who did not seem to have day or night jobs) would take the laundry out of the washers and throw them on the floor and put their own laundry in. Wet clothes would be taken from the dryers and chucked on the floor and the lay-abouts laundry would then be put in to dry. The hallways became a danger for the truly needy residents.

    The reason for this dilemma was that the building was NOT just for the elderly, but also for the “disabled” of any age. Of course the predominant “disability” seemed to be drug/alcohol dependence and “mental problems.” Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    When the government gets involved it almost never turns out well. The old people tried to get into other housing units, but it was the same all over the city.

    Oh, you intolerant little-old-people…have you no compassion for the less fortunate among you? What–you can’t hear me through the bandages on your head? Too bad.

  29. Youfamissim says:

    It is time for whites to leave the US and form a new subset of states that adhere to the original Constitutional requirements – none of the amendments will carry over. Leave the cesspool to the Democrats and their minions who created it. A civil dissolution is possible. Democrats must learn from the errors of their choices. The only way for that to happen is if the Democrat leadership is compelled to confront those minons – once the dollars used to bribe their votes are gone. WHat happened to Musolinni and his woman will be the outcome for most. It is apt Democrats face this fate since they tirelessly worked to destroy white society and they are owed an up close and personal relationship with non-whites. Importantly, they are owed no quarter in the new, albeit smaller, white America that represents everything they claim to despise. Border fences are immediately needed before the marauding hoards realize their political leaders cannot provide for them. The fact is Democat leaders do not like their minions but need their votes. Name one of them who voluntarily lives in the communites they create? Guaranteed states – Texas, AZ, UT, ID, Mont, Wyo, Kan, ND, SD, NEB, KEN, AL, MISS, TENN, IOWA, the maybes – FLA, COL, ARK, MO, NC, SC, GEOR, VA,. If the cities can be extracted from most states, the rural areas will want in. See the red/blue state map. That may be a better solution – since it is nearly exclusively the urban areas that form the problem. NO need to punish good people whose lives are controlled by the masses in urban areas within their states. This can, AND must be done if this experiment is freedom is to continue. Blue collar white males, whose civil rights have been outlawed since the first affirmative action and other race laws were implemented deserve better. But since the sanctioned Democrat groups cannot compete aginst these men – they are marginalized and attacked. It past time to end this calamity and re-establish what our founders belssed us with.

  30. Youfamissim says:

    … must get spell check for opinions

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  32. Detroit should be renamed Obama City, just like Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City. It would be a fitting tribute.

  33. Anonymous says:

    […] a fair shot at reaching their full potential in life," said HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan. Not so fast there Skippy: Why don't the people pandered to by HUD feel proud of their own neighborhoods? […]

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