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Dec 11 2018

Hulking Transsexual Helps Destroy Women’s Sports

Stick a fork in women’s sports; they are about done. Soon they will be dead of the sickness that is the transsexual agenda:

Standing at six-foot-two and weighing-in at 220 pounds, male-to-female transgender handballer Hannah Mouncey is dominating at the women’s Asian Championships in Japan.

Of course he is. He used to play for the Australian men’s handball team. Competition is significantly easier to overcome when playing against women, most of whom he could throw across the court with one hand. This is because in the real world outside the bubble of twisted liberal dogma, men are men, women are women, and there are physical differences between them.

Mouncey also wanted to play in the Australian Football League Women’s, but for once common sense prevailed. Mouncey raged that it was “body shaming” (a thought crime) to exclude him from the league due to his weight, height, and testosterone level.

No doubt it is only a matter of time before the likes of Mouncey are allowed to play in every women’s league, resulting in severe injuries followed by the end of organized women’s sports.

What do freaks like Mouncey get out of denying women their own athletic leagues? Maybe he is so insane that he literally believes that saying he is a woman makes him a woman — although it is hard to believe someone who takes liberal ideology for literal truth could function outside of a lunatic asylum.

Another possibility is that male athletes who destroy women’s sports with their transsexual bullying do it to advance the LGBT agenda by engendering resentment. Privileged minority groups like transsexuals scream at the top of their lungs that people hate them because being hated by regular Americans is the ultimate status symbol in the perverse realm of Cultural Marxism. The more they are hated, they higher their position in the politically correct caste system, and the more leverage they have to impose their will in a world mostly run by liberals. That is why LGBT militants might go out of their way to give people reason to dislike them, as Mouncey has done.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Now the End Begins.

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