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Jan 30 2020

Hundred-Proof Hypocrisy Among Georgetown Law Jacobins

Last fall, Georgetown Law invited Kevin McAleenan to speak. He was acting Secretary of Homeland Security at the time. The fallout continues.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Hundreds of law students signed a petition accusing Mr. McAleenan of implementing a “white nationalist-inspired” agenda and demanding his disinvitation. When the event proceeded anyway, student protesters prevented Mr. McAleenan from speaking.

“White nationalist-inspired” means that leftists associate it with preventing America from being washed away by an infinite influx of needy Third World immigrants.

Like most universities, Georgetown still plays lips service to the concept of free speech:

Georgetown’s speech and expression policy states that students can face discipline for “disrupting events to prohibit other students from hearing the views of an invited speaker,” but the law school won’t say whether the hecklers were punished.

More likely, they will end up getting extra credit — maybe even sparkly gold stars on their transcripts.

An advisory committee was convened to address the issue of whether there should be punishment and whether there should be “constraints” on which speakers are invited. Students regard the very possibility of discipline as an affront.

Stand by for hypocrisy so mind-jarringly extreme that it could only be doled out with a straight face by those trained at extravagantly expensive elitist law schools:

“This is our school,” says a petition circulating on campus this week. “All members of our law school community have the right to protest speakers and events on campus—including in ways that the administration does not like and in ways that the university does not pre-authorize.” The students insist that “punishments or threats of punishments for students, staff, and faculty who protest run contrary to the values of free expression, thought, and inquiry.”

That is, these spoilt children who are actually full-grown adults demand that the university allow them to use the heckler’s veto to silence anyone they expect to disagree with — in the name of free speech.

Considering the output fancy law schools produce, it’s hard to believe that the Democrat Party can’t come up with a serious presidential candidate. It has an endless supply of talent to draw on.

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