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Jun 12 2018

Hypocrisy on Parade in West Hollywood

Hardcore LGBT militants and their moonbat fellow travelers are all about tolerance and love and acceptance — except when it comes to the many people they viciously hate, for whom they have no tolerance whatsoever. Chances are good that the latter group includes you. Fleccas Talks wades into West Hollyweird and doesn’t have to look hard to find hypocrisy on parade:

To provide a little context regarding the clueless Muslim talk, this is how homosexuals are treated where Islam prevails:

Yet the LGBT crowd shouts that Republicans and Christians are their greatest oppressors. From this we can conclude that like every other flavor of moonbattery, LGBTism is about inflicting leftism as a whole. It is only about homosexuality superficially, just as feminism is only about women at a level so shallow that feminists rarely have anything to say about the way women are treated under Islam.

On a tip from Lyle.

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