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Apr 13 2019

Hysterical Propaganda From the Weather Channel

You know totalitarianism is closing in when political propaganda corrupts even the weather report. Instead of telling us whether it will rain tomorrow, which they could make a good guess at, the mouthpieces at the Weather Channel attempt to frighten us with apocalyptic fantasies of what will befall our descendants if we don’t embrace the liberal establishment’s ideology:

Those glaciers look a lot scarier than the possible need to raise coastal seawalls a few inches at some point in the future. Much of North America used to lie unusable under mountains of ice. Scaring us into complying with transformative lunacy like AOC’s Green New Deal would have been easier if they had stuck with the global cooling they pushed in the 1970s.

In either case, the belief that Big Government can prevent the climate from continuing to fluctuate as it always has and always will by slowing down the economy is preposterous. But from time immemorial, gullible people have been led to believe that their gods will improve the weather if propitiated with sacrifices.

From a few years back, Weather Channel founder John Coleman weighs in on what his creation has degenerated into, taking no crap from CNN’s Brian “Squeaky” Stelter:

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