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Jul 15 2019

ICE Attacker Willem Van Spronsen Was Antifa

Surprise surprise. The domestic terrorist who was killed in a shootout with police after firebombing an ICE facility in Tacoma Saturday was affiliated with Antifa. He was also high as a kite on Democrat Party rhetoric.

69-year-old Willem Van Spronsen was shot dead by police after he threw Molotov cocktails at the building and nearby cars on Saturday morning.

According to his manifesto, a copy of which was obtained by Jack Posobiec, Van Spronsen was armed with an AR-15 and stated, “I am Antifa”.

The nut’s manifesto refers to ICE holding facilities as “concentration camps.” If that absurd lie sounds familiar, you could be thinking of the Future of the Democratic Party, who recently barked,

“The United States is running concentration camps on our southern border, and that is exactly what they are. They are concentration camps.”

During China’s nightmarish Cultural Revolution, mayhem was inflicted on a massive scale by gangs of maniacal left-wing sociopaths who called themselves Red Guards. Their similarities to Antifa are chilling. Red Guards were exploited by Mao to terrorize the public and destroy teachers and local party officials suspected of insufficient loyalty to his cult of personality. Just as Mao put his stamp of approval on the horrific acts of torture, murder, theft, and vandalism inflicted by the Red Guards, the liberal media and the Democrat Party give a big thumbs up to Antifa. Just as Mao set off orgies of Red Guard violence with proclamations like “To rebel is justified,” the liberal establishment has been stoking Antifa with radical rhetoric.

Antifa is just getting started. Unsurprisingly, they regard Van Spronsen as a martyr. He will be exploited to inspire future violence.

The more power the Democrats acquire, the scarier Antifa will get. Disarming law-abiding citizens, leaving us defenseless against their Antifa cat’s paws, will take high priority.

On a tip from TCS III.

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