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Dec 07 2016

Ohio State Moonbats Won’t Admit Terror Attack Was Terror Attack

Authorities note that Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan left evidence on his Facebook page that he was inspired by ISIS propaganda and Anwar al-Awlaki, deceased former leader of al Qaeda in Yemen. He raged that he had reached a “boiling point” because Muslims are allegedly oppressed by Americans. Let’s see what Ohio State University students and faculty have to say about him going berserk on campus, running over random infidels and attacking them with a knife. Could it be that this was yet another lone wolf terror attack?

Nope, those right there at OSU confirm that it was not a terror attack. Must have been campusplace violence. If only Artan had been provided with a therapy puppy

If we burrow our heads deep into the sand, maybe terrorists won’t kill us. Even if they do, it’s better than being called an Islamophobe.

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6 Responses to “Ohio State Moonbats Won’t Admit Terror Attack Was Terror Attack”

  1. Mohammed's pink swastika says:

    I can say hotty

  2. Mr. Freemarket says:

    OK….if you can’t say “terrorist attack” how about we reclassify it as “a religious motivated attack against non-Muslims?”

  3. Jester says:

    All Muslim refugees are programmed by Democrats to always vote a straight Democrat ticket in all American elections, therefore all Democrats are programmed to always protect all Muslim refugees no matter what atrocities they commit to whom.

    That’s all.

  4. Barbaramdunleavy says:

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  5. Jack Bauer says:

    It would seem that the prevailing attitude on college campuses today, is that if by some chance you die because of a terrorist attack, it’ll be o.k. so long as you die stupid and ignorant, Because the real important thing to remember is that you will be viewed as having been an inclusive, enlightened, and open minded person, by your equally ignorant peers.

  6. Heltau says:

    What a disgusting turn of events this has been.
    I wonder what the parents of the dead and wounded would say if asked these questions?
    Merry Christmass to you out there.

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