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Feb 03 2019

If Anyone Could Deserve This, Northam Does

When you see someone ripped to pieces by a pack of jackals, it is hard not to feel sympathetic. Don’t waste any tears on Ralph Northam though.

Demands that his entire life be destroyed over a politically incorrect yearbook photo from the 1980s are absurd and unjust. However, if anyone could deserve it, Northam does. It isn’t just that he advocates infanticide. He came to office benefitting from the same Cultural Marxist Jacobinism that has moonbats like Thomas Perez and the rest of Northam’s own party howling for his blood.

The Latino Victory Fund ran the ad below in support of Northam’s gubernatorial bid. It features a stereotypical white guy trying to run down Muslim, black, and Hispanic children with his pickup truck. Ironically, it came out right before a Muslim ran over multiple Americans, killing eight. The Latino Victory Fund justified the appalling ad on the grounds that moderate Republican opponent Ed Gillespie criticized Northam’s support for sanctuary city laws.

Northam refused to condemn the ad, which takes the Cultural Marxist demonization of regular Americans to the last extreme:

Although Northam is getting his just desserts, there is no reason to celebrate. No one should want to live in a country where you can be destroyed by a weaponized mob for thought crimes committed in your youth.

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