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Sep 18 2016

If You Respect America, Find Something Else to Do Sunday Afternoons

Kaepernick disease continues to spread. Thanks to the encouragement of the people in charge, it is completely engulfing the NFL. Tomorrow night the entire Philadelphia Eagles team is planning to use the national anthem as a pretext to make a spectacle of their contempt of America:

Football fans can expect to see another protest during the national anthem on Monday Night Football when the Philadelphia Eagles meet the Chicago Bears. Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins gave the head’s up this weekend during an interview on Philadelphia’s Sportsradio 94WIP, a CBS affiliate.

Jenkins gibbered that the reason the Eagles want to be sure everyone knows they despise America is…

“just to continue to push forward the conversation about social injustice, and that’s a range of things from police brutality to wages and job opportunities, education. There’s just a lot of things systematically that have been set up in this country since its inception that put minorities, especially African Americans, at a disadvantage when you talk about quality of life and actually growing in this country.”

In other words, it’s an all-purpose “America sucks because race-based leftist politics haven’t been shoved far enough down everyone’s throat” gesture, oriented around blaming the USA for the inevitable consequences of the way some blacks choose to behave.

To watch these overpaid, hyper-privileged thugs openly display their hostility to everything we revere on the grounds that they are “oppressed,” when in any other country they would be scraping by doing manual labor, is too much to swallow. At long last people have had enough:

The drop in TV ratings for the NFL wasn’t confined to Monday night.

With the dust settled on Week One, the NFL saw a reduction in most key apples-to-apples comparisons from 2015 to 2016.

Via Forbes, the Thursday night opener between the Panthers and Broncos drew 25.2 million, down eight percent from 2015 (Steelers-Patriots) and six percent from 2014 (Packers-Seahawks). Also, Sunday night’s game between the Patriots and Cardinals generated an audience of 23.1 million. Despite the game being decided at the last second, the audience fell by 14 percent, in comparison to last year’s Giants-Cowboys Sunday night opener.

This trend will continue as more people become aware that disrespecting the national anthem isn’t just a childish act by a handful of spoilt idiots. Spitting in the faces of the audience in the name of moonbattery has the full support of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who could quickly put a stop to this if he so chose.

A middle finger to America is the official message of the NFL. By watching NFL games, you endorse it.

boycott nfl

On a tip from Torcer.

19 Responses to “If You Respect America, Find Something Else to Do Sunday Afternoons”

  1. physicsnut says:

    move the NFL to Africa


    // and her running mate KAINE is a COMMIE
    “That wasn’t the case in the 1980s. Then, Kaine embraced not some reconstituted, post-Marxist version, but the hardcore, Cold War variety — an avowed Marxist ideology inimical to the institutional Catholic Church and to the United States.”

    Reasons to love the Donald Phenomenon: RATS coming out of the woodwork !
    MY LIST OF DEPLORABLES ! is Lewis Black’s head exploding ?? is he Going to Hell ?
    SJWs heads exploding

    a. giving the finger to the establishment – for example GEORGE WILL !!! NPR too !!!
    b. Sharpton will LEAVE the USA. (after paying his taxes)
    c. Steinem is leaving Yay !!! Daily News melting down
    d. Cher is leaving, and Miley Cyrus too , and Barbra Streisand !!
    e. Barry Diller is leaving, Ruth Bader Ginsburg moving to New Zealand (NYT 7.11.16)
    f. jon stewart is leaving, Amy Schumer moving to SPAIN !!!
    g. 25 percent of feds leaving ! great news
    h. Whoopie is leaving – more great news
    i. at least 200,000 more. NOT ENOUGH, but it’s a start
    j. bill bryson too, cosmologist OK, but he ignores 100,000 gang bangers.
    k. the jerks who thought obama would be a good president.
    l. for pissing off the stuffed shirts at National Review
    m. heads exploding at Alternet. Yay ! And at RedState (pathetic)
    n. heads exploding at Salon, and DailyKos, TeleMundo
    o. heads exploding at ThinkProgress, and DemocraticUnderground
    p. heads exploding at MotherJones, HuffingtonPOS, and TheATLANTIC !!
    q. Vicente Fox’s head exploding; Cyndi Lauper’s head exploding
    r. pollsters, pundits, prognosticators all proven WRONG, repeatedly !
    s. payback for Pelosi pole vaulting “gotta pass it to find out what’s in it”
    t. payback for Zuckerberg and his phony ‘conservative’ website
    u. payback for NYC allowing ILLEGALS to vote and teach.
    v. payback for CA issuing drivers licenses to ILLEGALS
    w. heads exploding at the Daily News AND at REDSTATE !!! Love it.
    x. Brian Lehrer’s head exploding, Bill Kristol’s head imploding.
    y. oh yes – millions of illegals leaving !
    z. heads exploding at TRSCOOP ( they have a lot of nerve blocking me)

    A. heads exploding at WAMC ‘fear the demographics’, ‘so what’ that journalist …
    B. Payback for Media Lies about obamacare
    C. Europeans need it
    D. payback for
    E: payback for
    F: payback for Lindsey “AMNESTY” Graham , And HUGH HEWETT TOO !
    G: Heads exploding at EMORY U.
    H: Eve Ensler’s head exploding ( double yay !!)
    i: overseas ANGST !! love it
    J: dan savage head exploding
    L: glenn beck melting down, David Brooks melting down, George Will head exploding
    m: payback for CAIR
    plus – they have an invitation
    // from the Forward – Meet the Jews of Canada;s ‘anti-trump island’
    N: P.J. O’rourke melting down
    O: Cher head exploding

    During WW2 the brits were complaining that americans were over-sexed and over-there
    But at least americans went home
    It looks like England has been invaded by stealth
    They need more than a WALL !

  2. StephaneDumas says:

    After Gamergate, Deflategate, here comes the NFLgate where the NFL is hit by some guys who refers to“>the curse of Kaepernick.

  3. MiloMason says:

    “If You Respect America, Find Something Else to Do Sunday Afternoons”

  4. Deserttrek says:

    stopped watching the nfl when they threatened Arizona over mlk day . they support every far left cause, security for the stupid bowl is paid for by the federal taxpayers, the USA borrows money from china to pay for nfl security. every time they are watched money flows to the networks to fund the news divisions to push more lies. close the circle and turn them off

  5. Vic Kelley says:

    Good thread with a good argument. At first I thought Philadelphia safety malcolm jenkems was stupid. Maybe in his public school he learned about how the Confederacy included Pennsylvania and they had slaves there up until January of 2009. But no, malcolm is both stupid and brainwashed. He wants coloreds to have more of everything and not to have to work for it.

  6. […] NFL cares more about the bottom line than it does about ramming moonbattery down the throats of its dwindling audience, it will fire Commissioner Roger Goodell soon. A good move would be to replace him with […]

  7. badbruce says:

    The low info voters strike again looking for any handle to add credibility to their pointless lives. By reaching onto America’s past 150 years ago to protest black slavery all the while ignoring the equivalent white slavery conducted by the same slave owners but calling it indentured servatude who were treated basically the same and ignoring the rampant slavery going on in the world today by islam these SJW clowns show the level of intelligence they’re known for. Ignorance can be cured by a little education and usually is but ‘The Stupid’ runs bone deep and is usually terminal as evidenced by all of the liberals.

  8. Alborn says:

    When is Goodell going to give his job to a more deserving minority. Just saying. I quit the NFL many years ago. No longer the game that I use to enjoy. Game is the operative word. Please lovers of the USA do something with your family that does not include watch these overpaid athletes of the NFL, NBA, Baseball, Soccer or whatever. Go for a hike with your family. Start a league of your own and enjoy the sport by playing yourself.

  9. Coelacanth2 says:

    My give-a-darn factor for sports on teevee is somewhere around zero. My idea of sport is something where I can compete myself (karate tournament, old fart division) or put food on the table (hunt or fish).
    So, a boycott of the NFL is no problem. I am, however, advocating for my friends and relatives to ignore the overpaid buggers. They have a right to free speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of expression. _I_ have the right to remove my support and militate for the removal of other support of their behavior.

  10. FrozenPatriot says:

    Why stop at the Nasty Festering Legion? Kill the other channels too. They’re all controlled by leftists and collectivists and there’s a reason they call the content “programming”…

  11. BillyBob Bob says:

    Surely you don’t mean to boycott Super Bowl Sunday and Beyonce’s anti-cop halftime show, also? And I’ll miss all of those ‘family moments’ when I’m sitting with the family watching America’s game on a Sunday afternoon and during a commercial we are all warned that if we have an erection lasting more than four hours to seek medical advice. What to do in place of the hour long pre-game show when you have 5 or 6 grown men giggling at everything another says??

    I understand boycotting the other teams. But mine, too?? I suppose you also are claiming that MY congressman should be thrown out of office along with all of the others who couldn’t hold a candle to mine.

  12. Matt Proctor says:

    done with NFL

  13. BillyBob Bob says:

    MINNEAPOLIS — NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the league will encourage players to use their voice to promote social change as the demonstrations during the national anthem started by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick last month continue to spread to other teams.

    Speaking before the Minnesota Vikings’ first regular-season game at their new stadium against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night, Goodell told a group of reporters the movement from “protests to progress” is a positive sign.

  14. GrimmCreeper says:

    It’s hard to imagine that the NFL is so dense that it cannot figure out who its viewing audience is. These are three hour time slots where people want to have a little enjoyment and not to tune into the bull$hit. Goodell will keep up this crap until he gets enough pressure from the owners. And the only way to accomplish that is to hit them where it hurts most.

  15. Silence Dogood says:

    And more hypocrisy from a fvcktard that makes a million a minute…

  16. 762x51 says:

    Yes, Goodell could put a stop to it in a minute if he chose, but so could the team owners. They could put a stop to Goodell AND the players with a phone call but won’t because they are on board with this.

    Let’s face it, people who won’t even give up football for the principles that this nation was founded on are so lacking in character that they will go along with what ever the Progressives do as long as they get their “fix” of what ever their addiction is. Football, Basketball, synchronized swimming, whatever. They cannot be counted on to do the right thing and so the uni-party marches on in Nov., regardless of which “side” wins.

  17. 762x51 says:

    If they can get away with it at NASCAR events, what is football?

    If SF 49’ers CEO John Edward York had 2nd stringer Kaepernick transferred to the San Jose 49’ers farm team, the rest of the league would sit up and take notice. None of them want to play in the minors.

  18. Karma's Janitor says:

    1 owner told his team to honor the flag and national anthem, haven’t heard of anybody else
    Im not a fan of pro football but Im watching the cowboys now

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