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Feb 02 2024

Illegal Alien Expresses His Gratitude

According to the narrative presented by the liberal media, the millions upon millions of welfare colonists Democrats have invited into the country on an illegal basis to displace us consist of starving urchins grateful for our mercy. But it isn’t hard to glimpse the wizard behind the curtain — as when a mob of illegal aliens beat NYC police officers, presumably in front of tourists.

Afterward, authorities unsurprisingly set the violent invaders free. Here one of them humbly expresses his gratitude:

The Third World is not sending us its best. Nor would its best be welcome. Boada and the many descendants the welfare state will pay him increasingly lavishly to produce can be guaranteed not to vote Republican.

When you see Jhoan Boada flipping off America after beating police officers and walking off scot-free, you are looking at the liberal establishment that imported and enabled him flipping off you.

Details from Fox News:

Jhoan Boada, 22, made the offensive double-handed signal after he was released from police custody on charges of assaulting a police officer and gang assault for the shocking beat down in Times Square on Saturday near a migrant shelter.

Boada didn’t appear bothered by the serious charges as he flipped his two middle fingers and smirked at reporters and photographers outside the Midtown South Precinct in Manhattan.

The reason Boada is not bothered by the charges is that he knows they are not remotely serious. It doesn’t matter what they charge him with if they don’t keep him locked up. Does anyone think he will show up for his trial? Nothing could be easier than an undocumented Democrat slipping off into the shadows, only to be arrested and released for a different crime in a different city under a different name. They have been placed above our laws.

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