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Jul 09 2018

Illegal Alien Roberto Garza Palacios Fined $280 After Killing Two Government Agents

Not even illegal aliens are completely above the law, as Roberto Garza Palacios learned the hard way after killing two government agents:

The driver of a Honda Accord that fatally struck an FBI agent and a fire investigator on the side of a Maryland highway has paid a $280 fine, concluding a case of negligent driving lodged against him.

Roberto Garza Palacios, 28, did not have to appear in court and did not receive jail time, according to court records and lawyers involved in the case, which ended with the June 25 payment.

You can mow lawns all day and not make $280. This is a lesson Garza Palacious will not soon forget.

Unfortunately for Garza Palacios, Maryland is not yet a sanctuary state like California, so he may encounter further inconvenience.

Garza Palacios, a Guatemalan native, still faces possible deportation. On May 3, officers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement took him into custody at his home in Gaithersburg and charged him with overstaying and violating the terms of a work visa that had expired in 2009, according to ICE officials.

Deportation could mean having to travel all the way up from Guatemala to sneak back into the country again. But Garza Palacios has managed to avoid that hassle in the past.

Three years earlier, ICE learned he had been arrested in Montgomery County and asked jail officials to place a hold on him, but that request was not honored and Garza Palacios was released, according to county and federal officials.

Carlos Wolff (age 36) and Sander Cohen (age 33) join Kate Steinle and the many other Americans who would be alive today were immigration law enforced.

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