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Dec 14 2018

Illegal Immigrant Desecrates Grave of Girl Killed by Illegal Immigrant

Swedes made their bed by giving in to moonbattery. It isn’t comfortable. Stefan Åkerlund is among those who aren’t sleeping well. One illegal immigrant murdered his 11-year-old daughter Ebba; another won’t stop vandalizing her grave.

“When I visited my beloved daughter’s grave tonight he was there, and he was extremely threatening. He looked even more terrifying with one eye missing. Given that he has previously pulled a knife on the verger, I suspect he’s capable of anything.”

No doubt the missing eye entitles the maniac to an extra helping of benefits.

“This time he spat on me, attacked me and appeared more threatening than last time I encountered him. For 15 minutes I followed him while I had the police on the phone. But they didn’t come!”

He should try telling the police that he heard a Swede using insensitive language to refer to refugees. That ought to bring them with sirens screaming.

The grave-desecrating ghoul was sentenced to expulsion back in 2014 and again in 2015. But you know how that goes.

Maybe one day he really will be deported. Then he will bounce back again. He may or may not bother to change his name, though this isn’t hard to do for refugees, who can make up any name, age, and country of origin they like.

Åkerlund reports that his daughter’s grave is vandalized “on average three nights a week.” As for how she died,

Ebba Åkerlund was killed in Rakhmat Akilov’s terror attack on Stockholm in April 2017.

Her father has subsequently blamed his daughter’s death on the Swedish state, which allowed the illegal migrant Akilov to stay in Sweden.

We may have an Alternative for Sweden voter in the making.

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