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Jan 03 2023

Illinois Inflicts SAFE-T Act a.k.a. Purge Law

No wonder people are escaping in droves from Democrat-dominated states like California, New York, and Illinois. Even as crime remains out of control in the aftermath of Black Lives Matter, liberals double down on marginalizing police and facilitating lawlessness. Deep blue Illinois has just jumped off a cliff by putting into force the dementedly pro-criminal SAFE-T Act.

The elimination of cash bail as in New York was held up for now by a judge, but the rest went into effect Sunday. Aspects include…

…limiting when defendants can be deemed flight risks, allowing defendants under electronic monitoring to leave home for 48 hours before they can be charged with escape, and preventing police from arresting non-violent trespassers…

You thought Chicago could not get any worse? Democrats can make anything worse.

Critics say that the new measures will handcuff police and increase crime by releasing criminals with tickets rather than arresting them for certain crimes.

Democrats have been generating violent anarchy on purpose. Their #1 donor, ahead of even Sam Bankman-Fried, is George Soros, who has spent $millions installing pro-criminal DAs along the lines of Alvin Bragg (New York), George Gascon (Los Angeles), Kim Foxx (Chicago), Kim Ogg (Houston), Larry Krasner (Philadelphia), Chesa Boudin (San Francisco), and Kim Gardner (St Louis). The resulting explosion in crime was clearly premeditated.

The new law also allows for anonymous misconduct complaints against police officers when in the past officers were able to know the identity of the person accusing them.

The effect on morale, recruitment, and retention of police officers will be as intended, resulting in fewer and lower quality cops.

“When I said that this is the most dangerous law I’ve ever seen, I believe that,” Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau told Fox News.

The Most Dangerous Law is also known as the Purge Law, in reference to the movies/TV series about crime being made legal for 12 hours once a year to keep the population down. In Illinois, the Purge will take place all year around, until the population disappears completely. This is the fate of every state that succumbs to the Democrat Death Spiral, whereby Democrats drive out sane people, resulting in ever more radical Democrats getting elected.

Progressives have no fear that voters will hold them responsible for the crime they create. It occurs mainly among constituencies that have already succumbed to the Democrat Death Spiral, where there is no chance of anyone but Democrats winning elections.

To grasp their motive, consider that there are two major impediments to the liberal agenda: the First Amendment (which they have been taking a sledgehammer to) and the Second Amendment.

When hamstringing police results in violent crime, the solution is to disarm law-abiding citizens. If that sounds insane to you, congratulations on not being a Democrat.

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