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Aug 12 2019

Immigrant Advocate Sean Buchanan Killed by Illegal Alien

One problem with putting pious do-gooderism ahead of what’s best for your country is that you might end up picking up the tab for it yourself. A graphic example is Sean Buchanan, a 45-year-old immigrant rights advocate. He was killed earlier this month by Miguel Ramirez Valiente, an illegal alien who was already on probation for DUI and had been ordered back to El Salvador 8 months ago.

No worries, justice will be done. Valiente was charged with misdemeanor careless driving on a revoked license.

Valiente made the news last January when he sought sanctuary at the All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church to avoid being sent back to his own country. At the time he bleated the familiar tearjerker B.S. about being separated from his family. In real life, he is reportedly an abusive alcoholic.

His permanent return to El Salvador is doubtful, but after his latest wrist slap he may drive more carefully for a few weeks.

At least Buchanan’s wife might have learned a lesson about the perils of irresponsible do-gooderism…

In a Facebook status update announcing a celebration of life service for her late husband, his wife Kathy asked people to donate to Casa de Paz, an organization in Aurora that provides shelter, meals, access to phones and transportation to families separated by immigrant detention.

…then again, maybe not.

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