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Feb 09 2018

Importing Social Justice from Somalia

Something emerged at a Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party caucus in Rochester that Minnesotans will see much more of, their state having been seeded by the federal government with a large Somali colony:

Tuesday night’s caucuses drew a large turnout from the Somali community, with many showing up to support a newly announced candidate for the Minnesota House.

Rochester Math and Science Academy Principal Abdulkadir Abdalla said he plans to run for the House District 26A seat. …

He said he urged his supporters in the Somali community to come to caucus.

“They’d like to see a change. They’d like to see someone who is running from the community who can at least deliver their message,” he said.

His priorities include advocating for social and economic justice, affordable healthcare and a quality education for everyone.

Social justice means favored status for Somalis relative to the native population they are displacing. Economic justice means the government confiscates wealth from those natives to bestow upon Somalis. Affordable healthcare means the government runs it and palefaces pay for it. Quality education means leftists like Abdalla continue to consolidate control.

His community votes for a living, as a homogenous block. He ought to go far.

On a tip from Zach B.

12 Responses to “Importing Social Justice from Somalia”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Democrats in action– turning America into a 3rd world sh*thole for fun and profit.

  2. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Just ask any Somali if they agree how social justice has been meted out in South Africa.

  3. JackisBack says:

    Africans; not grateful for being alive in America; violent, bitter and demanding.

  4. QuintusFabiusMaximus says:

    The same tribe who with their English partners looted China and flooded it with opium and murdered 80 million Chinese in the process are the hand driving the invasion of America with opioids and supporting the criminal invaders spreading them. Google “David Sassoon opium wars England” for more detail.

    This is the same group that used their American and other banks to fund Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lennin to enable them to loot and destroy Russia via Bolsheivism and murder 70 million Russian Christians in the process. Google “Jacob Schiff Kuhn Loeb Bank Bolshiveiks” for more detail.

    This is also the same group that targeted Germany for destruction, resulting in the deaths of tens of millions of European and American Christians as well as the deaths, impoverishment, rapes and enslavement of tens of millions of German Christians. Google “Benjamin Freedman 1961 Willard Hotel speech” for more detail.

    They have a lot worse planned for Christian America, Americans, and Christian Europe than just turning them into shitholes. I do agree that they plan on profiting handsomely from the looting they will do here as a result. The “Democrats” are merely their paid agents, as were the Bolshiveiks and the corrupt English government before them. A little deeper look is required to see the real hand driving all of this. As I have indicated above, the real instigators have done this many times before. I would also add that the Wikipedia results on these searches present a whitewashed, heavily distorted version of the real story that appears in the real results that appear below Wikipedia in these searches, but I think most of us are aware of what a compromised, useless propoganda organ Wikipedia is by now.

  5. Lee Scuppers says:

    That repulsive tick won an election in Maine on a platform of

    a) jumbled paragraphs of social justice buzzwords that didn’t even form complete sentences, and
    b) more handouts for “his people”.

    IIRC I took a picture of one of his campaign handouts; it was Onionesque high comedy. I’ll have to try to find it.

    Portland liberals crave extinction with a desperate hunger that even the GOPe would envy.

  6. Trebuchet says:

    Put the tinfoil hat back on please. The orbital mind control lasers have clearly affected your ability to think rationally.

  7. physicsnut says:


  8. ICEvictim says:

    “They’d like to see a change. They’d like to see someone who is running from the community who can at least deliver their message,” he said.
    and the message is convert to moo slime or pay the jizyah tax (directly later, indirectly now – see below)
    “His priorities include advocating for social and economic justice, affordable healthcare and a quality education for everyone.”
    We didn’t have enough freeloaders in Minnesota so the Kool People imported a ton of them. I’m glad we’re aimed at leaving The Peoples Republic Of Minnesota. It’ll just get more like Detroit every year until it is another third world craphole in America.

  9. QuintusFabiusMaximus says:

    Argumentum Ad-hominem is the most common logical fallacy employed by those who lack the ability to intelligently analyze evidence, let alone present a cogent argument.

    You lose, Trebuchet.

  10. Louise says:

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  11. Trebuchet says:

    You didn’t present any evidence, you made a long incoherent rant and linked to conspiracy websites.

    You have, however, accomplished one thing: you convinced me to Block you as a pointless moron.


  12. QuintusFabiusMaximus says:

    Fulmination, flagellation, and butthurt over your own ignorance is no way to go through life, Trebuchet.

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