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Mar 08 2018

In Belgium, Sexism Is Punishable by Law

Those celebrating International Women’s Day may be pleased to hear that in Belgium, it is no longer merely a faux pas to be sexist, but an actual crime:

A man has been convicted of sexism in a public place for the first time under a new law in Belgium.

A court in Brussels fined him €3,000 for insulting a police officer because of her gender, Le Soir reported.

By telling a female police officer that she would be better off working at a job “adapted to women,” a Belgian guy committed various actual crimes.

The driver was found guilty of three charges: contempt of a police officer, making threats and sexist remarks in public, and a serious violation of another person’s dignity because of her gender.

If he fails to pay the $3,700 fine, he will be thrown in prison, essentially for advocating traditional gender roles.

We’ll see if any Muslim colonists are brought up on sexism charges in Belgium. How could they charge one without charging them all?

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