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Jan 20 2017

Inauguration Déjà Vu

If Trump’s inauguration speech gave you déjà vu, you might have seen the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises:

While zealots at either extreme scream and guzzle Kool-Aid, the rest of us are left to wait and see how this all turns out.

On a tip from Varla.

59 Responses to “Inauguration Déjà Vu”

  1. Angel says:

    I would definately vote for Bane over Hillary.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Naw, essentially Trump said this (same basic themes) without specifically reciting the Preamble to the Constitution verbatim in the middle of it:

  3. Anonymous says:

    He’s more reasonable and honest than her.

  4. 762x51 says:

    Party’s over Trumpanzees, time for for your boy to put up or shut up.

    In the next ten days, tRump can undo 85% of the Obama presidency, he either will or he won’t. Not undoing it is tacit approval of it.

    In the next few weeks, the Retardlican Progressives in Congress can repeal ObamaCare, tRump can sign it and the other 15% of Obama’s reign will disappear.

    In the month after that they can jointly put in place lawful constitutionally valid measures to reduce the size of government by eliminating departments and agencies where there is no constitutional authority in the first place and thereby reduce the debt and eliminate the deficit spending. They can do all these things and there is not one thing the Marxists can do to stop them, if they WANT to do it. The remainder of 2017 should be spent focused on reversing as much of the last 30 years as possible.

    The SCOTUS can wait until summer as the court has only one session left this term beginning Feb 21st only 29 days away. Doubtful they can get someone in place by then regardless so don’t get bogged down in a fight over that right now.

    I don’t believe they will do most of this, time will tell, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  5. CTsOpinion says:

    Trump’s inaugural address sounded like something from a B movie. I didn’t hear a plan to invite participation. The Donald is apparently going to make America great again by his admonitions because he says so. Repeating his mantra gave me the impression that he thinks his base has an IQ of 90, but maybe that’s Trump’s intellectual limit.

  6. CTsOpinion says:

    As strange as I find Trump’s speech I find the protesters to be from lala land. There are some serious losers out there that have no idea why they lost or what is coming.

  7. 762x51 says:

    All narcissistic sociopaths have that “do as I say, not as I do mentality”.

    Remember this, he now has the power to reverse around 85% of the last eight years since it was mostly done with illegal executive orders and regulations. Mostly all he needs Congress for is to repeal the OBlowmeCare law and one SCOTUS confirmation. Otherwise, any measure taken by Obama that is NOT rescinded by tRump means tRump approves of it.

    The Trumpanzee vermin are about to either be validated or annihilated.

  8. Angel says:

    At what point will you stop being an idiot?

  9. Chocolate&Cheese says:

    He can’t help himself.

  10. 762x51 says:

    At what point will you stop being a pompom boy?

  11. Marionfford says:

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  12. KirklesWorth says:

    Actually, the party has just begun…and some of us “Trumpanzees” are not swayed by dictates of anti-republican Hillary surrender monkeys. But feel free to explain how we’d be better off now with president Hillary.

  13. KirklesWorth says:

    The “Trumpanzee vermin” saved the country, especially the Hillary surrender monkeys, from far worse than what Trump does or doesn’t do. The “Trumpanzee vermin” were validated on November 8th, 2016 – it was the the Hillary surrender monkeys who were annihilated.

  14. 762x51 says:

    McConnell maggot. Boehner bitch. McCain McFaggot, PriklesTw*t.


  15. 762x51 says:

    Your boy could have erased well over half of Obama’s reign while still standing on the inauguration platform, he didn’t.

    So far he looks like he’s okay with the Obama administration.

    Gee, I wonder how many Hitlery would have kept, more, or less?

  16. KirklesWorth says:

    Oooh…you’re tough AND clever Mongo! Did your fringe “conservative” loser group leader teach you that?

  17. KirklesWorth says:

    What a brainless moron. You have no concept of subtlety and/or timing – it’s all smash and grab with you types. That’s why you’d only be a grunt in your civil war because you don’t have the brains to be a leader. What am I talking about…you are still promoting Hillary…

  18. KirklesWorth says:

    It’s only been one day and you are crying like those baby progressives. What is the matter with you? Drudge has what Trump has done in one day:

  19. KirklesWorth says:

    It’s only been one day and you are crying like those baby progressives. What is the matter with you? Drudge has what Trump has done in one day:

  20. James McEnanly says:

    Wasn’t Bane trying to sound like a man of the people in this scene? It is natural that they should use the same phrases.

  21. TrojanMan says:

    “saved this country” cart before horse. And besides this country will still be heading for the abyss irrespective of who is sitting on the throne. He is just the executor of the law, unless you want him to be like Obama?

  22. TrojanMan says:

    It would seem you did just that….

  23. KirklesWorth says:

    Uh huh. Bringing up Obama proves the point – look how much damage a socialist liberal president caused in eight short years. A second round with Hillary would have been declared a “mandate” for their socialist leftist ways and doubled down with Soros’ help. Trump’s election was by the people for “change” from the politics in the past, both left and right, which you yourself complained about.

  24. TrojanMan says:

    “Trump’s election was by the people for “change” from the politics in the past” The same thing was said about Obama, we know how that turned out….

    No one was talking about Hitlery BTW. I was merely making an observation that saying Trumpsters “saved the country” is quite premature and that the continued slide into the abyss will more than likely remain unchanged.

  25. KirklesWorth says:

    The same thing was said about Obama, we know how that turned out….

    That was the candidate by the left, for the left – and the right wanted nothing of him yet let him win…wouldn’t that make us partially to blame?

    No one was talking about Hitlery BTW. I was merely making an observation that saying Trumpsters “saved the country” is quite premature and that the continued slide into the abyss will more than likely remain unchanged.

    Pessimism aside, there have already been many positive movements (and some questionable ones) that in no way make me think (and by the looks of it, many others) that this would be near as dire as a Hillary presidency – even at this early stage in the game. The left going nuts is the topper.

  26. TrojanMan says:

    You may call it pessimism. I call it realism. Always hopeful things will change but with the sense to know the probability is very low it will.

  27. Angel says:

    And I definately would do it again. We elected the right president, in spite of insane screaming leftists and other idiots. America dodged a bullet, no thanks to some websites and so-called conservatives.

  28. 762x51 says:

    GFY you RINO, sellout piece of shit..

  29. 762x51 says:

    Wow, those some big time, meaningful accomplishments that will benefit the country. LMFAO!! Especially the GW BS that was removed by the Obama people, not your cult leader, many of the “new” WH staff are old Obama people, I already document that. Who gives a f*ck whether Maddow lives or dies and how is that a tRump accomplishment? The rest is all reaction from the left, not anything your boy has “done”. Pathetic that after months to prepare, he did practically nothing on day one and you have dutifully, characteristically provided the necessary propaganda and deceit to cover for him. Goebbels would be proud of you, SS-Rottenführer PriklesTwerp.

    See douche bag, you can just talk about it any more. Your cult leader has to actually DO the things he said he was going to do, otherwise he just as phony a chickenshit asshole as you are, princess.

  30. 762x51 says:

    Is that so, liar? Show us all where I said that, liar. Come on liar, you have everything documented, liar. Re-post my words where I promoted Hillary, liar. Let’s see them liar. You must have them somewhere, liar. Re-post them here, now, liar.

    Nothing piece of shit, liar.


  31. 762x51 says:

    Oh, didn’t you hear? PrikllesTwerp was making movement through Taliban mortar and RPG fire to get to the polls and save the country. He and his Trumpanzee troops were in a bounding overwatch movement on hand signals only, assaulting through the indirect fire, to save us all. Why, he is a hero, ROTFLMFAO!!

    Seriously, that hemorrhoid actually believes that crap.

    John Boehner and Mitch McConnell needed his help to save America, LOL. They must have needed his help getting their pants down and bent over in front of Obama. PriklesTwerp is a good little 5th column Progressive RINO. He will help with any thing they want, no questions asked like a good little Nazi.

  32. KirklesWorth says:

    Sorry, I don’t take orders from Hillary surrender monkeys who willingly sold out to socialist progressives.

  33. KirklesWorth says:

    Don’t manufacture more lies about me you disingenuous Hillary surrender monkey. Go back to selling out to the socialist progressives and using their lying tactics to cover up for your rotten predictions and stupid comments.

  34. KirklesWorth says:

    My “cult leader” is your president. Do you still honor your Soldier’s Oath, or have you released yourself from it? Your nazi regurgitations are just pathetic attempts to cover your Hillary sellout treachery. Just keep talking smack about republicans and the president like a good little progressive fascist.

  35. KirklesWorth says:

    You just said:

    762×51:Gee, I wonder how many Hitlery would have kept, more, or less?

    Did you want pom poms to help with your Hillary cheer? If you are too stupid to know that she would keep every one of her progressive-liberal-socialist promises, it’s no wonder you sound like such a die-hard progressive. You want more? Here you go you lying sack, proclaiming Trump worse than Hillary aka Hillary is better than Trump:

    762×51►Nobama: (6/23/2016) No amount of justification, such as stopping Hillary, can right that wrong. Remember, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

    762×51►Artfuldgr: (8/3/2016) No dumbass, the imbeciles who put the worst candidate possible against Hillary will be to blame, not the people who refused to double down on stupid, болван.

    762×51►Callawyn: (8/4/2016) You have already seen to that by electing the biggest asshole in the country. The only person in America with higher negatives than Hillary Clinton. You want to blame someone, look in the mirror.

    762×51►Bob: (8/6/2016) You are voting for the biggest asshole in the country, that’s what 70% negatives means. Hillary Clinton is probably one of the ten worst people who have ever lived and you morons managed to find someone even worse.

    762×51►KirklesWorth: (8/9/2016) Low intelligence voters already decided, you picked tRump. The only person in the country who is a bigger asshole than Hillary.

    762×51►Torcer: (8/11/2016) It is tiresome, at best, thanks to the Trumpanzees, I wouldn’t vote for tRump now if you put a gun to my head.

  36. 762x51 says:

    But you do lick gay men’s taints on a nightly basis at your local bath house. You useless little bitch.

    GFY, RINO.

  37. KirklesWorth says:

    There you go with your homosexual fantasy obsessions. You are a weirdo. But then again, who expects anything from a “military” person who selectively honors their Soldier’s Oath. At least I am not a “useless little bitch” that surrendered to Hillary.

  38. 762x51 says:

    You remind everyone of that stuff with every post, maggot.

    Come say it my face bitch, see what happens to you, fucking coward.

  39. KirklesWorth says:

    Sorry Mongo, you are a psychopathic moron with more loyalty to your weapons than the American people you supposedly swore to protect (apparently you only swore to protect the Constitution). You’ve described in great detail how you would kill me or anybody else you consider your “enemy”:

    762×51 -> Tom: Putting you in the ground will be a public service.

    762×51 -> Smith and Wesson and Me: You don’t mean a thing to me, you’re just a target awaiting engagement and when that time arrives all I will feel is recoil.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: I have a bullet with your name on it, any time you think you have what it takes to impose your fascist dreams, elitist f__ktard. Go f__k yourself. This comment was deleted.

    762×51 -> Guest: No a__hole, I mean when we start killing you dirty Progressive motherfuckers. That clear enough for you?

    762×51: A candy ass like you wouldn’t last ten minutes but the laugh would be worth it. Some of it you wouldn’t be able to do, like when they have you on the waterboard and they shove the cattle prod up against your balls, since you have no balls, it just couldn’t be done. I’ll set it up with my C-Level Marine buddies and I’ll even go first. You won’t need a thing, we have all the equipment and no money changes hands, just my gift to you, and I promise you will learn things about yourself you didn’t know before. Come on tinkles, put your money where your mouth is for once in your life. Show everyone you aren’t just a blowhard Internet wanna be like we all know you are, or is that a professional ex-wife? You are just so effeminate it is difficult to tell, LMAO!!

    762×51 as kirklesworthFascistChickenShit -> KirklesWorth: For the thousandth time, imbecile, I’m not interested in any exchange with you outside of a straight up gunfight. There is nothing you have to say that interests me unless it is to accept my offer of single combat which you are too chicken to do.

    I just enjoy demonstrating your cowardice for all to see. We all know you don’t have what it takes to implement your fascist desires which is why you support an a__hole like tRump.

    Fascists, Progressive, hajji, it makes no difference, are for killing, there is no other use for you.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: I’m so happy you see it that way jerkles, it tells me you are as unprepared as I think you are, thereby guaranteeing your status as a casualty. The world will be a better place on that day. This comment was deleted.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: I don’t “want” it dumbass, the Progressives want it and you have made it inevitable. The millions who are about to die are on you because you are too weak or too stupid or too Progressive to have have done the right thing. You have advanced the cause of evil and will soon pay the price for it, you are far too despicable a person for others not to have noticed, one of them will get you.

    Due process, LMFAO? It’s a f__king war idiot. Due process is a bullet, that is how war works. You kill the enemy, you don’t arrest them and read them their rights and ensure they have yard time, what a simpering douche you are. You wanted a a war which is why you have started one, now you will have to try and survive, you can’t, you don’t have what it takes. For the record, I’m anti-Progressive, I don’t give a shit about tRump other than what he, and by extension, you, has done to advance the Progressive agenda. Before this election he was just another NY turd in the punch bowl.

    Once again, there is no chance I will spare you, bitch. Should we meet on the battlefield, you will die. This branch of the thread was deleted.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: See you on the battlefield, maggot.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: I don’t use charts and graphs in my line of work, I deal in lead and very soon now, I or some one like me will give you an up close and personal demonstration, proggie porgtard. I wonder who it will be? Some one out there has already identified you as a Progressive and selected you as a target, rest assured. You should be very careful from now on, no telling where it will come from. This comment was deleted.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: Culprit, LMAO! You want civility in the middle of a war you started? Fat chance, douche bag. I just wish could see how long a prissy little f__k like you lasts when the shooting starts, minutes or seconds? You can walk around taking down information so you can turn others in later. Here’s a tip for you, if you suddenly feel very warm and can’t seem to draw a breath followed by deep, intense pain, you are hit. Unless you take the round in your cranial vault. LMFAO!! This comment was deleted.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: Well, dumbass, the gun fight wouldn’t be on the internet. It’s a real world thing where people die.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: I will never accept your cult and will oppose you until you die, obviously, one must die. Let’s find out who and get this over with.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: All that is left is a straight up gun fight, otherwise, you can; Go f__k yourself.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: Meet me in single combat, that is all I am interested in from you. Otherwise; Go f__k yourself.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: Yep, denial of the facts that have been presented. See no middle ground, no place for discussion. Just a fight. Go f__k yourself.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: However, you still cannot impose your fascism without violence. Eventually, whether it is mine or someone else’s bullet, one will find you.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: Ok, just wanted to be sure it was a bona fide a__hole I was engaging. So junior, you think you are ready for a little game of “You Bet Your Life”?

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: Meet me in single combat, that is all I am interested in from you. Otherwise; Go f__k yourself.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: All you get are insults because that is all you deserve. You are a piece of s__t and the sooner you are in the ground the sooner the world will be a better place. Go f__k yourself.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: I accept your offer though, a mile is a long shot, requires about 28 or 29 mils of hold over with my current load, depending on the density altitude, but I have the tools and training to accomplish it. When would you like to get this done? The sooner you are gone, the happier everyone, including your wife will be.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: I don’t have to “fantasize about sniping people from a mile away” if you’d like me to prove it to you, I’ll be happy to give you a demonstration.

    762×51 as kirklesworthOnFire -> KirklesWorth: You have no idea the amount of fire you are playing with little boy.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: …Of course, drones are expendable which brings me to the logical conclusion of when are we going to get this gun fight started?

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: Well, dumbass, the gun fight wouldn’t be on the internet. It’s a real world thing where people die. Your sexual desire for tRump is obvious. You figure it out,moron.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: Sorry, something more interesting than talking to you came up. It’s Ok now, I got paper towel and wiped it up. tRump has been documented for a year on MB as a Progressive. Like all Progressives you will not admit to facts which prove you wrong so there can be no further discussion. LOL, you can blame us all you want a__hole, we know who it was that supported a Progressive for the GOPee candidate. See, there can be no middle ground, you want to blame us for your mistakes, which you made after we pointed out the Progressive tendencies of your boy which you denied and we will not accept that blame. All that is left is a straight up gun fight, otherwise, you can; Go f__k yourself.

    762×51 as KirklesWorthisDishonest: Killing enemies of the Constitution is tons of fun.

    762×51 -> KirklesWorth: Awww poor baby, do you need a tissue and a safe space, princess jerklesTw*t? As head of the tRump pom pom squad, I assume you’ll have a prominent role in the tRump administration. I just hope it’s not at DoD with Gen Mattis there, you know how he feels about A-holes, people like you. “The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot.” ROTFLMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 762x51 says:

    Hey pussy, I was wondering, in most marriages, the woman owns half the assets and all of the pussy. But in yours, she controls less than half the pussy. How does she feel about that, pussy?


  41. KirklesWorth says:

    That was the most pathetic attempt at an insult yet…and for you that’s saying a lot. You may be a pro with weapons, but you are a child with words – which is why you try to lure people into your ambush murders. Your anti-Trump hatred renders you emotionally irrational just like a woman, and grasping at what little ammo you have – insults.

    If you want to keep attacking republicans and the president with your puny arsenal of progressive lies and tactics, I will do the defending that you have apparently refused to do. So go ahead and side with the progressives while proclaiming you are a “conservative”.

  42. 762x51 says:

    It must be so weird for her to be reminded of her vagina every time you walk into the house. I assume you deceived her just as you do everyone. She wouldn’t have married you otherwise. I’ve never seen or heard a woman list “sniveling little bitch ” as a quality they were looking for in a man, but then, you aren’t really man, now are you, princess?


  43. KirklesWorth says:

    You got nothing, eh? Well I do. Searching on your civil war comments, I found this brilliant one:

    762×51►JeffersonSpinningInGrave: (10/13/2014) I have said thousands of times that this ends in civil war, make that 1001 in case the NSA missed my earlier writings. The progs have spent 100 years waging this war, we are seeing too little too late to consider having a peaceful resolution to this war. We don’t have 100 years left, there are maybe two years at most.

    Almost 10 years of predicting civil war – at least you stay true to your obsessions. Too bad you’ve already demonstrated that failed prediction. Are you going to provoke me for more?

  44. 762x51 says:

    She must therefore be the “man” in your relationship. Explains much, your need to to try and be superior yet anonymous, lest you be discovered for the fraud you are. You need to try and push others around in that “safe” anonymous environment. You inability to confront facts and reality lest your own reality invade your fantasy world.

    Yep, princess Pricklestwat has to live in the prison of cowardice, he has constructed for himself. One other question, has you ever wondered why your children don’t actually look like you?

  45. KirklesWorth says:

    Completely infantile. But what can be expected from someone with such a low intelligence that they would predict:

    762×51: (11/25/2015) The next terror attack in America, it is a matter of when not if, will trigger a full out civil war. It will be plain who is to blame, Progressives. They deserve no quarter once that begins.

    Are you going to reply with insults about my mother next?

  46. 762x51 says:

    Surely the black ones stood out as not being yours? Does she still see their fathers regularly? Or do you try to think about those weekends she is gone?

    I suppose eventually she realized she needed a man and you obviously were never going to be able to cut it. We know you an elitist from your posts, it makes sense that she only stayed because you have money. It also fits with your poor little rich boy attitude. Can’t cut in the real world but mommy always paid the other kids to play with you. Also makes sense you would construct this fantasy where you matter and are worth something. It is all you have ever known.

    GFY – pussy.

  47. KirklesWorth says:

    You are a dabating paragon of virtue, aren’t you? You’ve taken the impressive high ground of:

    Calling me homosexual.
    Calling me a pussy.
    Commenting about my wife’s vagina.
    Questioning my (supposed) children’s father.

    You are a manchild devoid of restraint, wisdom, and maturity. You bloviate like a self-righteous pompous ass. You side with the progressives against the republicans and the president. You attempted to get Hillary elected. You selectively honor your oaths and write death threats against those who don’t share your beliefs. You are the fascist-wannable you proclaim you are going to “defend” us against. You are the worst offender of just about everything you whine and bitch about. And yet you are glutton for punishment coming back for more, when you know I’ve got an arsenal of your “wisdom” at my disposal, like:

    762×51: Not only is tRump a surefire loser but he will also cause the loss of the Senate and possibly even the House. The Trumpanzee Progressives have done what they set out to do, elect Hillary Clinton.

  48. 762x51 says:

    Are you able to collect welfare for all of those kids or do the fathers take that as their fee for handling your duties as a man for you?

    Since you have enough money which you never earned, you probably don’t need the welfare so as a Progressive, you let them have it. Besides, there would be that reality thing you’d have to deal with, can’t do that. Waaay better to live online and be the “man” you can never be in the real world. LMFAO!!

    GFY – fantasy world pussy.

  49. KirklesWorth says:

    Grow up you adolescent manchild. Your pathetic attempts to re-live your glorious “military” days by attacking your perceived “enemies” that don’t agree with you just reeks of desperation and is pitiable. You are so emotionally unstable that you demonstrate paranoid delusions of “enemy progressives” everywhere you look that you are compelled to murder. Your “insults” are laughable in their immaturity as is your lack of reasoning skills. You are an embarrassment to conservatives and your defection from the republican party is a blessing as well as indicator of how unable you are to see anything beyond black-and-white.

    Poor baby got a chip on his shoulder from the first time you said:

    762×51►Sweep_the_leg_11590: (7/13/2016) Then go spread your legs somewhere else, dipshit.

    And I dared to say (which is as true now as it was then and subsequent to that):

    KirklesWorth►762×51: (7/14/2016) Flagged that one as inappropriate…

    Since then, you’re skin is so thin that you’ve gone bat-crap crazy calling me every name in the book like some delusional mama’s boy. Later you proudly stated your “noble mission”:

    762×51►KHarn: (9/28/2016) It is one of the reasons I seek to drive him out of here, he is scum.

    Spoken like a true fascist – shut them up, shut them down. You are a pathetic excuse for an “adult”, a “conservative”, and a “military” person. So you go ahead and continue to “seek to drive me out” you raging lunatic – and I will answer your stupidity with reposts of your own stupidity.

  50. 762x51 says:

    ROTFLMMFAO!!!! Been busy all afternoon digging in the archives I see, hilarious! Almost as funny that you think I care whether you re-post my stuff. Knock yourself out, pussy.

    I was wondering though, at family gatherings, is it painfully obvious to the rest of your family that those kids aren’t yours? I assume they all know what a impotent weasel you are so they aren’t surprised by it but it must be quite noticeable to them. They probably just talk about it behind your back.

    GFY RINO pussy.

  51. KirklesWorth says:

    Dumbass doesn’t know a computer programmer when its schooled by one. You are like a spoiled child throwing temper tantrums when it doesn’t get its way – you know, a progressive. You throw your belligerent weight around like you are somebody of importance because you supposedly served in the “military”. Then when you are revealed the fool, you think your childish taunts and insults can compensate for your stupidity…and when that doesn’t work, you invite them to get killed.

    If you stick to the topics, you’ll get a pat on the head by those who know you for the Moonbattery crazy uncle you are. When you start with your ridiculous claims of “enemy”, “progressive”, “fascist”, “target”, etc., everybody shrugs it off as just crazy ole 762×51 off of its medication again – threatening to shoot the neighbors like the Hatfields and McCoys. You are a bumbling oaf trying to lift yourself by attacking others – but your stupidity only demonstrates what a pathetic idiot you are.

    You are the only one left spouting the progressive propaganda of anti-Trump psychosis – everybody else has moved on to real world things instead of your paranoid civil war for you to justify “killing your enemies”. And you hold up pathetic progressive demonstrations as “proof” that that it’s “inevitable” as you have for almost a decade. You have been wrong about what you’ve predicted, and you’ve lost the election and your civil war – and no amount of douchebaggery is going to start it for you.

    You are so stupid that you know I am a conservative yet call me a “progressive” – that is how warped you idiotic brain is over one of three things you know about me: that I supported Trump. Well, aside from you, MAS, TrojanMan, and probably Torcer and Dave Blount, most everybody else here has stated or implied they voted for Trump contrary to your moronic declarations that he was worse than Hillary.

    You are an obnoxious imbecile with delusions of grandeur, worthy of any and all ridicule you claim you are entitled to regurgitate at “Trumpanzees”. You are the Hillary surrender monkey. You are the selective Soldier’s Oath “keeper”. You are the crappy prognosticator worse than Al Gore. Your only redeeming quality is that you know violence but are unfortunately too stupid to identify an ally from an enemy. You slavery to obvious progressive tactics would make Saul Alinsky blush. The only reason you think you are a “conservative” is that conservatives protect the 1st and 2nd amendments that you wrap yourself around in while proclaiming you will “protect the Constitution” while ignoring what it says.

    In summary, you are a pathetic joke.

  52. 762x51 says:

    Is your impotence known by your entire family or does your wife keep it secret to protect you delicate feelings? It must be very difficult for her living with a sissy like you.

    Hey sperm breath, check the article at

    Looks like others out there are finally catching on to this whole “civil war” thing. Just because you are trapped in your sissy elitist fantasy world and out of touch with reality doesn’t mean these things aren’t really happening.

    The darkness is out there waiting for you little boy, it’s almost proggie hunting season. Better lay in a supply of diapers, mommy won’t be getting to store much longer, LMFAO!!

  53. KirklesWorth says:

    Your obsession with my genitals is disturbing. Get help.

    You don’t want a civil war – you want to overthrow our so-called government “uniparty” and are pissed that Trump supporters prevented you from selling out the country to Hillary. Everybody here knows that.

    So instead of being able to say “I’m fighting against the progressive democrats”, you’d have to say “I’m fighting with the progressive democrats” against your “uniparty” enemy. But like you’ve implied, treachery is treachery whether it is “D” flavored or “R” flavored (or in your case, no flavored).

    What do you mean “almost proggie hunting season”? You said it was “now at hand” over two years ago.

    762×51: (6/23/2014) For the 10,000th time, CIVIL WAR is now at hand. If you have not prepared for it you are already dead. May God have mercy on your soul.

    And your “proggie hunting season” demonstrates that you will disregard what the Constitution says in order for you to somehow “protect it”. Then again, since you’ve demonstrated you will disregard the Soldier’s Oath (that you claimed to have sworn) to obey the presidents orders, nothing but treachery should be expected from you. So the obvious question is:

    If there is a civil war, will you defend our duly elected government?

  54. 762x51 says:

    As I have observed previously, it is your lack of genitalia that is disturbing, bitch.

    Poor little pussy, all it can do is hide and busily research to try an “get” someone. All part of “keeping an eye on things” at MB.

    At the end of the day, you are still just a sniveling little twerp who can’t deal with the real world. I suppose people would feel sorry for you if you weren’t such a contemptible asshole.

    GFY, RINIO bitch.

  55. KirklesWorth says:

    Obsession with my genitalia…check.
    Confirmation of your obsession with my genitalia…check.
    Won’t defend our duly elected government…check.
    Tries to evade…check.
    Can’t debate…check.
    Pathetic, childish insults…check.
    Proficient use of progressive Alinsky tactics…check.
    Hillary surrender monkey loser…check.
    Indistinguishable from a progressive…check.

  56. 762x51 says:

    GFY asshole.

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