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Apr 23 2019

Incitement to Violence, Part II

As mentioned earlier, “incitement to violence” is a prime example of the Democrat tendency to falsely accuse their opponents of doing exactly what they have been doing themselves. In this case, the habit of twisting terms also comes into play. The very word liberal means the opposite of what it did before it was hijacked by leftists; a liberal used to be someone who wanted more individual liberty, not less. Likewise, the word violence has been redefined in some quarters to refer to the refusal to capitulate to leftism. The result of the projection and linguistic confusion is pure farce:

April Ryan, a CNN personality, suggested that Sarah Sanders’ head should be “lopped off.” Sanders’ father, Mike Huckabee, protested–whereupon Ryan accused Huckabee of inciting violence against her.

Also on display here is the comical lack of self-awareness that characterizes moonbats. It results from living inside bubbles where everyone agrees with them, and tells them how special they are instead of pointing out that they are full of crap.

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