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May 10 2018

Inclusiveness Is Imposed on Cheerleading Team

In liberal utopia, no accomplishment will mean anything, because everybody will get a trophy. For example, girls won’t take any pride in making the cheerleading team, because everyone will make the team. That is already the policy at Hanover Park High School in East Hanover, New Jersey, because one mother made a fuss about her daughter failing to make the team.

The alternative was to scrap the team altogether. From the school board’s statement:

β€œIn order to facilitate a more inclusive program, the alignment between the various cheerleading squads would be modified to allow all interested students to be able to participate. This decision was made in the best interest of all students and was made to be as inclusive as possible.”

The word “inclusive” also featured prominently in the Boy Scouts’ suicidal decision to change its name to Scouts BSA in a pathetic attempt to appease progressives. When you hear that word, you know that decay is advancing.

Girls who made the team on their merits are understandably furious. Fumes one cheerleader:

“All my hard work has been thrown out the window. … I tried my hardest. Now everything is going away because of one child who did not make the team, and their parent complained.”

The more you achieve on merit, the harder you take it in the teeth when unjust liberal notions of “fairness,” “equity,” “inclusiveness,” et cetera are imposed. This is why liberal ideology is not merely wrong but depraved, and why it inevitably mires everything it touches in mediocrity. All fans of the school’s teams will pay a price when the quality of the cheerleading team takes a dive.

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