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May 29 2019

Infinifats in the Cultural Marxist Caste System

Cultural Marxism entails a caste system based on a hierarchy of imaginary oppression. Within the hierarchy are subhierarchies. For example, people who are overweight regard themselves as oppressed and therefore deserving of the enhanced status enjoyed by other belligerently whimpering victims. But not all fat people are equally oppressed.

Stand by for some hardcore moonbattery:

Smaller plus-size people please check your privilege. That includes a mid fat like me who is FAR more privileged than folks larger than me. I’m honestly so sick of people including small fats and thinking that’s enough… and I’m sick of small fats not calling out the fact that they are the biggest people at the event/shoot/meeting or whatever it is. Fat people above a 20 exist, and we f***ing matter. We deserve to be included and seen. Super fat people deserve to be included. Infini-fat people deserve to be included. Fat people of colour deserve to be included. Disabled fat people deserve to be included. We all matter too. Your body positivity isn’t sh** if it doesn’t include us.

Fat activists delineate the fat hierarchy with a taxonomy of “smallfats,” “midfats,” “superfats,” and “infinifats.”

It is clear that an infinifat deserves more favoritism than a smallfat. But only an academic with a PhD in Intersectional Moonbattery could determine how this compares to the favoritism owed to other contestants in the Oppression Olympics.

Say two people are competing for a job: a dark-skinned refugee from the Congo and a smallfat. The refugee would get the job. But what if the choice is between a light-skinned mulatto and an infinifat? The decision could become so difficult as to force human resources to consider secondary qualifications, such as aptitude and experience.

David Thompson finds a clue while choking on the word privilege:

In woke usage, the word privilege implies arbitrariness, some random quirk of life, an attribute or circumstance unrelated to one’s own efforts or choices. As if becoming sufficiently vast to engage in fat activism, and bang on about privilege, were merely a matter of the planets aligning a certain way. As if anyone might become colossally fat spontaneously, overnight, with no warning, and through no action, or inaction, of their own. Which doesn’t sound terribly plausible. In fact, it sounds like an attempt to displace responsibility and thereby deceive.

All liberal ideology displaces responsibility and attempts to deceive. But this does suggest that the light-skinned mulatto should get the job rather than the infinifat, without the employer having to resort to evaluating competence, since the mulatto was born mulatto. Then again, if indulgers in sexual perversion can claim to have been “born that way,” why can’t the morbidly obese?

Obesity is a health issue. It is dramatically exacerbated by failure to treat it with diet and exercise. Inevitably, moonbats will politicize other health issues, since they politicize everything. Future diabetics, instead of taking their insulin, will shriek self-righteously that people with gangrenous limbs as a result of untreated diabetes must be included in more bikini ads.

Progressives always have to progress. It won’t be easy to progress beyond this:

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