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Mar 08 2018

Internet Censorship Bill Easily Advances in South Africa

How wonderful that Apartheid is over and freedom now reigns in South Africa. Oh, and by the way:

The National Assembly has approved legislation that aims to allow the FPB to regulate the distribution of online content in South Africa.

FPB = the Film and Publication Board, which ought to be a subdivision of the Ministry of Truth.

Known as the Internet Censorship Bill, the Film and Publications Amendment Bill includes provisions to give the FPB powers to have online content blocked in South Africa.

This includes “user-generated content”, such as posts published to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media services.

The bill passed 189-35 in the National Assembly. Now it only needs to get through the National Council of Provinces and get Ramaphosa’s signature.

The best thing about the unconstitutional bill is that it may be unenforceable, at least for now. Even so, it suggests an ominous future for free speech on the Internet.

It’s politically incorrect to point it out, but it’s true: Freedom of speech is a white thing. You only find it in white societies and societies that have embraced European values, like Japan. When progressives work to eradicate “whiteness,” they are eradicating liberty. Yet again, South Africa offers a warning as to what lies ahead on the road of multiculturalism.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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