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Jun 14 2018

Intuit Puts Screws to Gun-Related Businesses

Due to ESG malarkey, a fad that has convinced business executives that leftist posturing will somehow improve the bottom line, our liberties are threatened not only by Big Government, but by private companies like Intuit:

Several gun-related businesses were suddenly — and without warning — disrupted in recent weeks when Intuit stopped processing credit card payments because phone and internet sales were gun-related, The Post has learned.

Some of the payments stopped didn’t even involve firearms, but simply T-shirts and coffee mugs and gun safety classes, according to small business owners.

Anything having to do with firearms is politically unclean, according to liberal ideology.

As a result, the businesses had to scramble to track down customers to get them pay their bills after Intuit credited back to customers’ accounts the purchases — even if the T-shirt was already shipped or the class already taken, one businessman told The Post.

The lesson we learn here is not to trust our money with irresponsible companies like Intuit that place “virtue” signaling ahead of sound business practice.

The Constitution protects us from the government. Free market competition will protect us from Intuit.

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