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Jun 05 2020

Iran Echoes Liberal Media Propaganda on Riots

America’s most aggressive external enemy is Iran. It has been literally at war with the USA since 1979, and has killed many Americans in Iraq, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, characteristically using proxies and terrorist tactics.

The Iranian regime also employs propaganda tactics. Uncoincidentally, its anti-American propaganda mimics that produced by America’s most aggressive internal enemy, the liberal media establishment.

Via PressTV:

Members of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) have denounced the racist terrorism perpetrated by US police against defenseless African Americans, saying they have been unable to breathe for decades and subjected to violence and discrimination.

In an English-language statement issued on Tuesday, the Iranian lawmakers expressed their outrage at the shocking US police brutality that led to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, saying the tragedy ‚Äúrevealed the inhumane nature of the US regime.”

Racism is blamed for blacks dying of COVID-19 and being incarcerated for the crimes they commit. The rhetoric could have been lifted directly from the New York Times or Washington Post.

Our liberal media establishment must be proud. Imitation is the purest form of flattery.

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