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Feb 02 2017

Iraqi Woman Dead of Trump’s Travel Ban: Hoax

If we believe what we hear in the media, the recent travel restrictions on countries infamous for exporting terror are not so much intended to protect innocent Americans, as to express bigoted spiteful hate. This phony narrative has been made more poignant with the help of a favorite tactic of moonbats and their Islamic allies of convenience — the hoax:

The leader of a mosque in Dearborn has confirmed to FOX 2 that a man who claimed his mother died in Iraq after being barred from returning to the United States under a ban instituted by President Trump this weekend, lied to FOX 2 about when her death occurred.

Imam Husham Al-Hussainy, leader of the Karbalaa Islamic Educational Center in Dearborn, says Mike Hager’s mom did not pass away this weekend after the travel ban was put in place. The Imam confirms that Hager’s mother died before the executive order was signed.

Husham Al-Hussainy is not your average imam. He voted for Trump, and does not have a problem with the travel restrictions.

On Tuesday, Mike Hager told FOX 2 that he and his family were stopped while trying to return from Iraq to Michigan. He said that he was allowed through because of his American citizenship but his ailing mother and other family members were not. He then claimed that his mom passed away in Iraq on Saturday, as he was traveling to the United States.

Actually, she passed away on January 22, not January 28. Trump signed the executive order in question on January 27.

Caught in his lie, Hager blathered about being on “heavy medication.” A more likely explanation is that he exploited his mother’s death by turning it into a hate hoax for political reasons, leading the gullible to assume that she might have lived if only Trump had allowed her to continue the kidney treatment she had been undergoing in Michigan.

Donald Trump didn’t kill his mom after all.

On tips from KirklesWorth, rpp618, Rob E, and Miles Gloriosus.

15 Responses to “Iraqi Woman Dead of Trump’s Travel Ban: Hoax”

  1. JackisBack says:

    What else has Mikey lied about? Bring him in for a polygraph.

  2. Boris says:

    Meanwhile, something that is real, just yesterday – Denver: Muslim carrying “Islamic writings” shoots and kills transit security:

    the suspect approach the victim from behind a place a gun near his neck.” The woman said “she heard the suspect say something to the effect of, ‘Do what you are told.’”

    A moment later, the gunman fired, then ran off as the mortally wounded security officer crumpled to the ground.

    Cummings had notes relating to Islam and a copy of The Quran. And as he was being arrested, he was praying on his knees.

    Looks like he was planning a Mass Murder of some sort, by the brave hero transportation security officer thwarted his plans by refusing to comply, for which the Muslim Terrorist murdered him.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    If she was so sick, why did she leave the country to go to Iraq?

  4. 762x51 says:

    1 down, 1.9B to go.

  5. MAS says:

    A religion that has lying built into its doctrine cannot be trusted. Every word from its adherents mouths, therefore, cannot be trusted. If a Muslim mouth is moving the safe course is to assume they are lying…

  6. MAS says:

    Good point.

  7. ThatsWhatSheSaid says:

    A selfie with your dying mom?

  8. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Wonder who was paying for those treatments in Michigan…

    In fact…the poor woman could not have died if only she had ObamaCare.

  9. Torcer says:

    Religious doctrine
    Alternative title: taqīyah
    Taqiyyah, in Islam, the practice of concealing one’s belief and foregoing ordinary religious duties when under threat of death or injury. Derived from the Arabic word waqa (“to shield oneself”), taqiyyah defies easy translation. English renderings such as “precautionary dissimulation” or “prudent fear” partly convey the term’s meaning of self-protection in the face of danger to oneself or, by extension and depending upon the circumstances, to one’s fellow Muslims. Thus, taqiyyah may be used for either the protection of an individual or the protection of a community. Moreover, it is not used or even interpreted in the same way by every sect of Islam.

    Scriptural authority for taqiyyah is derived from two statements in the Qurʾān, the holy book of Islam. The 28th verse of the third sura (chapter) says that, out of fear of Allāh (God), believers should not show preference in friendship to unbelievers “unless to safeguard yourselves against them.” The ninth sura was revealed (according to tradition) to ease the conscience of ʿAmmār ibn Yāsir, a devout follower of the Prophet Muhammad who renounced his faith under torture and threat of death. Verse 106 of this sura proclaims that if a Muslim who is forced to deny his religion is nevertheless a true believer who feels “the peace of faith” in his heart, he will not suffer great punishment (16:106).

  10. Major Tom says:

    I cannot imagine using the death of my Mother to advance a political agenda. What a degenerate.

  11. Maurice Miner says:

    Polygraph? Could be a case for waterboarding.

  12. […] ….that Leftists have to lie and say it is killing people […]

  13. […] ….that Leftists have to lie and say it is killing people […]

  14. Jodie says:

    Sure it didn’t happen, but it could have!

    Just like the pro-Trump people could get violent and be racist, even though so far it has only been the anti-Trump people who have been violent and racist. But it could happen! /s

    Oh my goodness. The left is insane!

  15. […] Mike Hager, who claimed that his mother was unable to enter the USA and receive medical treatment because of Trump’s travel ban, even though she died before the ban was enacted, is not the only unscrupulous person to exploit that ban to achieve a coveted place on the Hate Hoax List. Ballyhooed Olympic athlete Ibtihaj Muhammad has joined him: […]

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