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May 16 2024

Islamic Law Comes to Germany

The future comes at you fast. Muslims have not yet achieved majority status in Germany, yet already Germans are forced to live under Islamic law.

A so-called “brawl” in Neuruppin involved four Germans “fighting” with 15 foreigners.

The reason for the brawl is said to have been that the consumption of alcohol was not compatible with the world view of Islam and that they wanted to enforce Sharia law in Neuruppin, explained one of the injured when asked. The perpetrators themselves fled the scene when the police arrived and could not be traced.

Muslim colonists comprise a country that exists within the country of Germany like a chestburster inside an astronaut. This makes vanishing from the host country’s law child’s play.

Multicultural enrichment isn’t always pleasant:

One of the Germans suffered the loss of five teeth when one of the foreigners kicked him in the face while he was lying on the ground. Another German’s arm was deliberately broken by several people…

That’s what the last Germans get for “brawling.”


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