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Jun 13 2024

Islamist Win in EU Parliamentary Election

Import enough Muslims into a country and it becomes a Muslim country, indistinguishable from the rest of them. Germany may soon be a case in point, to judge from the recent European Parliament elections. Via Allah’s Willing Executioners:

Voting district 1001 in the city of Duisburg – like many districts in Germany – has already been lost to Islam. There, the Muslim party founded in January, which operates under the bogus name ‘Democratic Alliance for Diversity and Awakening’ (DAVA), was able to mobilise its Islamic voters and achieve a shocking election result. With 41.10 per cent of the vote, the Muslim party did best by far. In second place was the AfD with 14.16 per cent, followed by the SPD with 10.96 per cent. The CDU achieved 8.68 per cent.

It’s a little late to vote for pro-German AfD where Duisburg is concerned.

DAVA advocates leveraging the schools and media to fight “Islamophobia” — i.e., to promote Islam at the expense of German culture. Evidently the leftists currently in charge are not doing this forcefully enough to suit Recep Erdogan.

As Muslims achieve greater demographic leverage, their tactics will change. Barring a reversal of course, 2030s Germany will resemble 1980s Lebanon; 2040s Germany will resemble Iran.

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3 Responses to “Islamist Win in EU Parliamentary Election”

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  2. […] Germany isn’t the only country facing Islamization. It comes in two forms: soft and hard. […]


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