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Dec 01 2018

Islamophilia Is the Problem, Not Islamophobia

The Iconoclast gets it. The problem is not the thought crime Islamophobia. It is the mental illness Islamophilia.

This dangerous form of derangement afflicts Britain’s progressive ruling class, which attempts to impose it on the healthy in the name of fighting Islamophobia.

According to liberal dogma, opposing an ideology that calls for the eradication of Western Civilization and that has inspired countless acts of violence against Westerners over the course of 14 centuries makes you a racist.

We all know from having it drummed into our heads incessantly that nothing could be worse than a racist. Therefore, Britain’s rulers have determined that a law is required to criminalize the wrongthink of Islamophobes who express factual truths about Islam that are not flattering:

One Response to “Islamophilia Is the Problem, Not Islamophobia”

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