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Jan 11 2019

It’s Okay to Ridicule Jim Acosta

Based on the millions of invaders crossing over from the Third World, comprising a tsunami of crime, chaos, and welfare dependency β€” that is, based on the hospitals these colonists have bankrupted; the Americans they have murdered; the cesspool their caravans have made of Tijuana; their assaults on Border Patrol officers; the prisons they have filled; the massive cost they impose on taxpayers; the depressing effect they have on wages; the exotic diseases they import; the demographic shift they have imposed by their sheer numbers; the sickly babies they drag across the border to die in US custody, providing propaganda material for our anti-American media; the vast quantities of illegal drugs that cross the border, driving an opioid epidemic that has killed more Americans in a year than the entire Vietnam War β€” I thought the unsecured border constituted a crisis. But CNN’s Jim Acosta proves otherwise by demonstrating that at a section that actually has a barrier, no one happened to be trying to penetrate the border during his visit:

Could it be that the migrant hordes are not invading at that particular place and time at least in part due to the barrier? The thought appears not to have occurred to the personification of smug idiocy that is Jim Acosta.

Maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on Acosta. True, he is an intensely irritating guy. But it is not nice to pick on mental defectives.

Then again, maybe Acosta isn’t a cretin after all. Maybe he just assumes that his audience consists of cretins. He does work for CNN, after all.

Fire away, Kellyanne Conway:

On tips from Varla, 1-Bodhisattva, Jack Bauer, and Lyle.

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