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Mar 28 2024

Ivy League Pillar Busted for Child P*rn

The purpose of the Ivy League is to provide credentials and indoctrination for our ruling class. Someone with degrees from three of these schools is a leader among leaders — especially if he is also president of Queer Princeton Alumni like Trey Farmer:

An LGBTQ activist with top degrees from Harvard, Yale and Princeton is facing up to five years in jail on charges of downloading child porn.

Roy ‘Trey’ Farmer, 53, was arrested at his home opposite the gates of Princeton in New Jersey on Friday after a tip-off from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

Farmer is also a former president of the Harvard Glee Club, not to mention chairman of Florida’s StayInMay Festival, “which has staged more than 300 events in Naples.”

A philosophy graduate from Princeton’s 1993 class he went on to earn an M.Phil from Yale University, and a master’s in education degree from Harvard. … [H]e has remained a pillar of the Princeton establishment with places on the boards of a host of its societies.

Presenting the Ivy League establishment:

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