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Jun 17 2017

Jaden Smith’s Batman: Worst Music Video Ever?

Not having seen enough music videos to judge, I can only hope that Jaden Smith — cross-dressing offspring of Hollyweird moonbat Will Smith — has created the worst music video that has ever been made. It would be horrifying to think that still worse could be out there:

Apologies to anyone who sat through that.

Maybe we have reached the bottom and our culture will start to recover now.

On a tip from Sean C.

26 Responses to “Jaden Smith’s Batman: Worst Music Video Ever?”

  1. Gutterboy says:

    More evidence that we deserve all that is coming.

  2. Americangirl5 says:

    Maybe they could play that at the border instead of building the wall. Might keep some out.

  3. Mike_W20 says:

    He likes his water shaken, not stirred.

  4. Mike_W20 says:

    This video is analogous for what the communists and your other enemies have created in the black culture in the U.S.A.
    Hate whitey, black gangsta, black victimhood, reparations, affirmative action, etc.
    And the blacks don’t even know they have been confused, used and abused to help bring down the U.S.A.
    Damn, the communists and your foreign enemies really hate the U.S.A. and have been hard at work balkanizing on you guys.

  5. Katya Kakhov says:

    Mining what has been . Was it stefan molyneux that made the analogy to Europe inheriting a cathedral and then smashing all the windows ?

  6. FromNJ says:

    That boy aint right.
    – Hank Hill.

  7. Sufferfortribe says:

    Everyone involved with the making of this video should be arrested for assault……….of the senses.

  8. Sufferfortribe says:


  9. Dan says:

    That’s four and a half minutes of my life I’ll never get back

  10. Arleneswoodby says:

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  11. Dindu01 says:

    He likes to suck cock, and wear dresses

  12. Saxon Warrior says:

    No, it’s not quite the worst video. The worst is yet to come.

    It will be a video of Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. There will be no ‘fairly tuneful’ piano intro, instead there will be a cacophony of noise, followed by more noise (but to a regular beat at least). Miley will be wearing next-to-nothing but so will Katy. Katy will now be a man after spending millions on having a penis transplant.The Illuminati eye and pentagram will be everywhere. A muscular, Black gangsta-rappa will join in too, and you will have never heard of him before, but the Media will tell you that he is very famous and has been for a decade.

    Miley will twerk and gyrate everywhere, and the backing dancers will be gay men – and they will gyrate and twerk too. There will be small, precocious children onstage. They will sing, dance, curse and swear.

    It will sound like Hell – a wall of talent-less noise…. the lyrics will consist of the words “world peace”, “save the planet”, kill conservatives”, “do your own thing”, and “have sex with everyone and anything”.
    It will be the worst musical composition ever, so bad that even a five-year-old with no understanding of basic music theory could do better.
    Yet, you will be forced to love it, even though your ears bleed from listening to it.
    It will represent freedom, yet deny everything that freedom means… it will represent morality…. yet denying everything that is wholesome… it will represent good, yet be wicked.
    And you will not deny it – you will be made to claim that you love it, or be a bigot.!
    You must love it… because it is good for you…
    And if you ever want to be happy… you must love it… because to deny it will make you a homophobe, an Islamophobe, a racist, a sexist, and a transphobic, climate-denying bigot.
    The music video will win a Grammy, an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony… and you will applaud and cheer….. whether you want to or not.
    That is your future.

    Worst music video ever? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  13. BiffWellington says:

    …brought to you by the letters W, T, and F.

  14. Mack says:

    Children are seldom named from the Bible, the roll of saints, or from history. Among other noise names, the sequence of Braden, Caden, Haden, Jaden, Kaden, and others was a biggie two decades ago. Just a reminder – a name change at the courthouse is easy and inexpensive in most states. If your parents burdened you with Apple, Lexus, L’Courtney, Unique, LeSabre, Rainwind, Hillfeather, and on and on, you can remedy that when you turn 21.

  15. octa bright says:

    It reminds me of a bowling ball, no point.

  16. Jack Bauer says:

    Oh my God….

    See, this is what happens when you bankroll a collaborative effort by totally talentless people. Firstly, you need someone to write the script. Obviously, they chose a writer that felt it unnecessary for the script to have even a scintilla of a point. Next, you need a director…o.k., you’re right, there obviously wasn’t one. Add to that, sophomoric, cliche editing, and there you have it.

    As to the “music”, first and foremost, rap or hip hop is not music imho, but even so, in rare cases, the music that supports the rap can have some measure of imagination. Clearly, this wasn’t one of those times….

    So in the final analysis, the whole thing appears to be a self-serving, pretentious pile of sh!t, done by someone who obviously thought little “J” was such a superstar that he really didn’t need to do anything remotely requiring talent throughout the entire production.

    BTW, can you tell, I really didn’t like the video?

  17. MAS says:

    “Apologies to anyone who sat through that.”

    You weren’t subtle enough to trick me into that Dave. Didn’t watch it, nah na nah na nah na… 😉

  18. Jack Bauer says:

    LOL…..You were smarter than me, MAS…..
    I fell for Dave’s appeal to our curiosity, and watched it…..ughh!

  19. MAS says:

    Not smart just not enough hair left to pull out…

  20. cieran58 says:

    Worst music video ever? not even close. not even the worst rap crap/hiphop video for example– aspiring rapper Ice JJFish….

  21. grayjohn says:

    The road apple does not fall far from the horses ass.

  22. Dixieimartin says:

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  23. Hunter says:

    Smith is a very self-impressed young man who is in for a rude awakening one day when his parents aren’t there to prop him up and it dawns on him that no one cares….probably when he gets out of rehab after his hangers-on have robbed him blind.

  24. Allan says:

    Holy jumping crap!!!

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