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Jul 31 2019

Jail Time for Feeding Feral Cats

People feeding feral cats can be a problem. However, it would be better if Big Government didn’t come have to come stomping in with its hob-nailed boots:

Nancy Segula lives on Havana Road in Garfield Heights and a couple years ago, the cats started showing up on her back porch.

That’s right, Garfield Heights.

She fed the cats, so they kept coming back. They brought their friends. Neighbors contacted authorities. Next thing you know she is getting citations…

Her latest citation required her to appear before Magistrate Jeffrey Short last week. He sentenced her to 10 days in the Cuyahoga County Jail.

Nancy Segula is 79 years old.

If civil society were functioning properly, neighbors could explain why she has to stop feeding the cats, and she would stop feeding them. But nowadays we find ourselves resorting to the heavy hand of government coercion over everything. The result is a 79-year-old lady sitting in jail because she felt sorry for hungry cats.

The neighbors had reason to be annoyed. About a quarter million feral cats live here in the Phoenix area. A liberal neighbor insisted on feeding them, despite protestations that they were burying yards in cat crap. The neighbor doesn’t have a yard. But there is a tight little area behind his home where dozens of cats took up residence.

Probably due to the overpowering smell, it appears he has stopped feeding the cats. Their numbers have fallen precipitously. The remaining cats, half grown and showing ribs, tug at the heartstrings as they attempt to keep themselves alive by listlessly chasing bugs around. If someone gives in to pity and starts feeding them, the cycle will begin again.

There is a lesson there regarding the World’s Most Important Graph, which was discussed earlier.

On a tip from Stormfax.

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