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Dec 02 2016

Janet Napolitano Presents Her Middle Finger to America Regarding Illegal Immigration

Obama’s first Secretary of Homeland Security was Janet “Uncle Mort” Napolitano, who served 2009–2013. We have new insight into the wisdom of this choice as a result of her behavior in her new position:

University of California President Janet Napolitano has announced that system leaders will protect and defend students in the country illegally — and will advise campus cops to do the same.

Napolitano — who served as Secretary of Homeland Security under the Obama administration, charged with protecting the nation’s borders — put out a statement Wednesday that her office will “vigorously protect the privacy and civil rights of the undocumented members of the UC community and will direct its police departments not to undertake joint efforts with any government agencies to enforce federal immigration law.” …

According to Napolitano’s office, there are about 2,500 undocumented students enrolled across the 10-campus UC system.

The statement proclaims that the university will not cooperate with local, state, or federal law enforcement officials on immigration matters, and that it does not count as a minus regarding admissions to be in the country illegally.

Arrogantly refusing to cooperate in the enforcement of state and federal law despite receiving massive amounts of both state and federal funding isn’t enough of a stick in the taxpayer’s eye to satisfy Uncle Mort:

In May, her office announced an earmark of $25.2 million from the system’s taxpayer-funded coffers to help support a variety of programs that assist undocumented UC students.

No one with such contempt for the rule of law, our nation’s sovereignty, and the essential security that cannot be provided when unenforced immigration laws have effectively obliterated the border between the USA and the rest of a largely hostile world would make a sane choice to head Homeland Security. Obama et al. will not be missed.

Who would put someone like this in charge of Homeland Security?

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

32 Responses to “Janet Napolitano Presents Her Middle Finger to America Regarding Illegal Immigration”

  1. JackisBack says:

    When they start dragging the intellectuals of Academia into the streets to hang them from lampposts, no one will ask why.

  2. jeffunde says:

    Any place that ignores the laws for immigration needs all fundings cut.

  3. Deathstroke says:

    On an unrelated note. Progressive media keeps asserting that the #NoDAPL protests are non-violent. He’s a google doc that lists all “non-violent” incidents marked in red starting on August 1st.

  4. BPatMann says:

    You mean: Janet “Waco massacre” Reno.

  5. NotKennedy says:

    Harboring fugitives.

  6. Guest says:

    You cucks gave Trump the middle finger his entire campaign. What happened ladies? Off your period now?

  7. Foxwater says:

    This Janet Napolitano fella really found his safe spot. Got out of the most corrupt administration in American political history and waddled his way into academia.

  8. 7.62 IQ says:

    I’m going to threaten to kill you with a big gun now. Because my widdle wee-wee is only 7.62 mm long. I mean it!

  9. Vic Kelley says:

    She’s a traitor and needs to be tried and convicted for it. Her commitment to illegals doesn’t make sense. I’d understand if she were an LGBTQABCDEFG trans malarkey warrior though.

  10. Dan Northrup says:

    So let me get this straight, Pedro ran across the border and signed up for college?

  11. TrojanMan says:

    “BREAKING: If You Don’t Like Crony Capitalism and Economic Fascism, You’re A Cuck”

  12. Mike_W20 says:

    Poisoning young, impressionable minds for half a century.

  13. Mike_W20 says:

    “Who would put someone like this in charge of Homeland Security?”
    Someone who hates the U.S.A. and wants to see it destroyed.

  14. Artfuldgr says:

    Technically, they pay taxes, and trump gave them back some of the taxes they pay… And we can’t say they don’t pay taxes because the reason to leave was to lower labor and tax costs.

  15. TrojanMan says:

    I do not view tax cuts as a subsidy. A tax cut is just the government not stealing even more of your money. I want jobs to remain here, the issue i take is the threats. He basically told Carrier that if you do not stay the government will punish you. So they stay here and will probably have to close the factory anyway instead of just moving it thereby lowering tax/duty revenue. He also threatened to impose higher import taxes on companies who move out of country. We need to incentivize companies to stay not threaten them. End punitive regulations, lower taxes, get labor unions out of manufacturing.

    “I don’t want them moving out of the country without consequences.” That is not capitalism.

    Furthermore Trump does not have the power to unilaterally give someone anything.

  16. George Lortz says:

    Pretty apropo that she stands before the Saudi flag.

  17. Mr. Freemarket says:

    At the end of the day, it is still the government picking winners and losers.

  18. Mr. Freemarket says:

    You can meet a lot of cute, gullible white chicks at any university.

  19. TrojanMan says:

    Correct, the government has no business picking winners and losers. Let me rephrase. I do not view tax cuts as a subsidy when applied across the board. Yes tax cuts to a specific entity is not right as it favors that entity.

  20. Virginiatbaker says:

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  21. Dad_All_Day says:

    The UC system gets a lot of federal research and student loan dollars. The new prez needs to perform a magic trick and make it disappear.

  22. grayjohn says:

    Angry fat lesbians. Boring, ugly, stupid, pointless.

  23. 7 says:

    Pretty sure this is on point:

    8 U.S. Code § 1324 – Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

    (a) Criminal penalties
    (A) Any person who—
    (i) knowing that a person is an alien, brings to or attempts to bring to the United States in any manner whatsoever such person at a place other than a designated port of entry or place other than as designated by the Commissioner, regardless of whether such alien has received prior official authorization to come to, enter, or reside in the United States and regardless of any future official action which may be taken with respect to such alien;
    (ii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, transports, or moves or attempts to transport or move such alien within the United States by means of transportation or otherwise, in furtherance of such violation of law;
    (iii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation;
    (iv) encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law; or
    (I) engages in any conspiracy to commit any of the preceding acts, or
    (II) aids or abets the commission of any of the preceding acts,
    shall be punished as provided in subparagraph (B).
    (B) A person who violates subparagraph (A) shall, for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs—
    (i) in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(i) or (v)(I) or in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(ii), (iii), or (iv) in which the offense was done for the purpose of commercial advantage or private financial gain, be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both;
    (ii) in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(ii), (iii), (iv), or (v)(II), be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both;
    (iii) in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(i), (ii), (iii), (iv), or (v) during and in relation to which the person causes serious bodily injury (as defined in section 1365 of title 18) to, or places in jeopardy the life of, any person, be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both; and
    (iv) in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(i), (ii), (iii), (iv), or (v) resulting in the death of any person, be punished by death or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, fined under title 18, or both.

    Now all I want to hear from AG Sessions is how quickly he intends to bring charges so that Butch Napolitano can meet her new cell mate.

    Note to all you Trumpanzee bootlickers, if they aren’t prosecuted, then all your pathetic sniveling about tRump “draining the swap” will have been demonstrated to be the meaningless noise I said it was at the time. Just as his all globalist cabinet has deflated your Goldman Sachs / Soros argument, not that any of you liars would admit it of course..

  24. 762x51 says:

    Don’t forget Ruby Ridge. Remember all the convictions they got out of those incidents? Yeah. me either.

    At Ruby Ridge, Randy Weaver was found Not Guilty, his wife and son remain dead.

    In Waco, all of the Branch Davidians were found not guilty by a jury which the judge then reversed in order to satisfy the governments political agenda. Six U.S. citizens who were never wanted for, much less charged with a crime, remain dead.

    We have just seen the exact same scenario play out in OR where all members of the MNWR standoff were found not guilty but the Bundy’s remain in prison. LaVoy Finicum remains dead.

    This will continue until we fight back.

  25. octa bright says:

    Could it be that he is actually trying to make something of himself other than those less than exalted careers?
    Or is it that he is trying for the more profitable and safer white collar crime?

  26. Dan Northrup says:

    Thousands of illegal immigrants enrolling in college to scam on gullible white girls! How did they get the grades to be admitted, do they take Mexican transcripts?

  27. Dan Northrup says:

    Who knows, but hes in for a surprise when he tries to get REAL job with no REAL SSN, papers, etc. Probably gonna end up the highest educated tree trimmer on the west coast.

  28. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Being from an exotic foreign land is one of the factors that universities look at when deciding who to admit. (Which is the reason that BHO claimed to be from Kenya).

    Grades, apparently, are passe.

  29. BillyBobBob the Deplorable Bob says:

    She’s one hot lesbian with that grey streak. Makes all the difference.

  30. […] former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano knows that lawlessness on college campuses is a good thing when it comes to immigration law. […]

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