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Aug 03 2023

Jeanne Marrazzo May Out-Fauci Fauci

You thought no one could be worse that the smug, grotesquely overpaid bureauweenie Anthony Fauci, the face of Covid tyranny, who lied in Senate testimony, who tried to hide the origins of Covid, and who was evidently involved in funding its development — a moonbat so insufferable that liberals literally burn votive candles featuring his likeness? Meet his replacement, Jeanne Marrazzo:

Daily Mail reports:

Marrazzo, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, will start her role as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in the fall.

Regarding her qualifications, in addition to not being a man, her priorities are impeccably correct:

Her previous work has focused on contraceptives, women’s health, HIV and STDs, sexual health, and health issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, both nationally and internationally, as well as health disparities and equity and interdisciplinary collaborative research.

Naturally, she is publicly homosexual. Not being a Woman of Color makes that a requirement.

Marrazzo pushed for mask-wearing in schools during the pandemic despite warnings that face coverings would hamper their education.

The masks also hampered their health, as has been known for some time. Like many suffocating Covid measures, masks on children served no constructive purpose.

At least we learned from the miserable experience of Covid. We now know better than to take government scientists seriously. Unfortunately, our rulers learned something too: that there is virtually no limit to what we will put up with.

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