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Sep 23 2019

Jerry Bausby Rapes, Murders Daughter, Blames Racism

The best thing about being oppressed is that you never have to accept responsibility for your own behavior. Pretty much anything can be blamed on racism — even the horror inflicted on his daughter Daizsa by Jerry Bausby in Kansas City:

A man who blamed slavery and racism for his plight in life will die in prison after being sentenced to consecutive life sentences for raping and killing his teenage daughter.

It would be nice to think he will die in prison. But if unrepentant Marxist terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera could have his sentence commuted by a liberal, why not Jerry Bausby? After all, punishing rapists and murderers has a disparate impact on persons of politically preferred pigmentation.

At the trial,

Jerry spoke for 45 minutes, mentioning his daughter only once and blaming “racism and what he viewed as slavery in modern America as forming him into what he was,” according to a release from the Jackson County prosecutor.

What injustice it is for Bausby to be convicted of murder, sodomy, incest, and sexual abuse, when America is the true culprit as always.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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