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Oct 13 2016

Jill Stein Calls for “War-Time Economy” to Fight the Weather

Just when you thought no party could come up with a more disastrous candidate this year than the Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians, up pops Jill Stein of the Green Party like some horror movie jack-in-the-box:

Why be steadily bled into bankruptcy over the next decade or two by irresponsible overseers of the expanding entitlement state like Shrillary and Trump? Why not just get it over with by spending every penny on lunatic symbolic gestures ostensibly intended to make the climate stop fluctuating for the first time since the planet had a climate? Once total collapse is behind us, we can begin to rebuild.

On a tip from Torcer.

8 Responses to “Jill Stein Calls for “War-Time Economy” to Fight the Weather”

  1. An American WITH balls says:

    If you don’t like coarse language, the back button is located at the top
    left of your internet browser…

    I generally avoid discussing politics. I don’t believe in human saviors. I
    do; however, believe in sticking together.

    If the Republicans pull a stunt, and Trump runs third party, fantastic.

    Mission complete.

    It’s winner-take-fucking-all. Either he gets in the Captain’s Chair and
    turns the ship around, or he burns the motherfucking house down on his way out.

    The Republican Party, remember them?

    They were the ones that were going to end illegal immigration and eviscerate
    So for all you, “non-socialist“, “non-politically-correct” folks
    out there, why would you continue to not only reward failure, but continue to
    show up, and give support to the party that betrays you time, after time, after

    You’re like a bunch of bitchy battered spouses.

    A fucking meateater shows up to kick your abusive husband’s ass, and you go
    full blown Stockholm.

    Then, during the primaries, these fucking crony-capitalist, anti-free-market
    goons have the audacity to parade around the biggest dogpile of invertebrates
    this side of the Precambrian Era, and actually expected us to accept these
    wishy washy, limp-dicked clowns?

    I’ve never seen such a pack of worthless buffoons in my life. Kasich?
    Christie!? Rubio!?! Are you fucking kidding me!? 300,000,000 Americans, and
    these damp washcloths with pulses were the best the country could come up with?

    Then, to add insult to injury, and prove to the world that they were more
    than willing to cut their own nose off to spite their face, they were ready to throw the primary process into the
    wood chipper, because you, me, and everyone else is incapable of deciding
    who the fuck we want to vote for!? The GOP Establishment just told you
    fuckers it doesn’t give a flying soggy biscuit what you meaningless serfs
    think; it will pick its own candidate, “screw you very much“.

    And you’re still willing to throw your bibs on, and scootch on up to the
    shit trough smorgasbord!?!?


    The faux-outrage from shitweasels like Ryan only show who the worms
    are. It’s like watching a 500,000,000-lumen light shining down as the
    cockroaches scatter.

    Trump could run as a the candidate from the Scientology Xenu Collective
    Party, and he will get my vote.

    Trump could whip his Dugan out and piss in Anderson Cooper’s face on live TV…

    …Still voting for him.

    Enough is enough.

    Trump is harder than woodpecker lips. He ante’d up. He’s all-in. And if he
    doesn’t win, it will be the biggest failure of his career. Period. The
    demonization won’t stop if he simply loses.

    He threw down the gauntlet, stepped up to the plate, and has been
    a thorn in the side to every corrupt plutocrat, every sniveling millennial
    cockweasel, every social justice sissy, every man-spreading
    every TelePrompTer-regurgitating dick-squeezer working for state-run media,
    every deadbeat-handout-sucking-grifter, every
    tip-toeing-closeted-pedophile-politician, every
    crony-corporatist-tax-payer-subsidized-offshoring-swindler, every
    lowlife-border-serpent coming here to mooch, every
    Stars-and-Stripes-asswiping-Old-Glory-burning-Communist-cocksmoker; in short,
    he is an affront to the sensibilities of the worst in America.

    He’s the radical Left’s Antichrist; he is everything they hate about

    And he is the last ticket out of this mess.

    He’s the last chance to dance, boys and girls.

    It’s not about VOWOOT…it’s about seeing the ultimate “FUCK YOU”
    through to the bloody, bitter end.

    He’s endured >12 Calendar months of every vile adjective these
    shit-drapers can throw at him, up to, and including, the cultural marxists’
    most powerful weapon in their arsenal, “racist.”

    He’s endured the entire propagandistic might of the media bullshit machine,

    He’s still there.

    The best they can come up with is the man says nasty things? Mean things?

    Grow the fuck up, you goddamned cowards.

    The Anti-Free-Market Corporatists, and the Political Establishment have sold
    your fucking country down the river, and you’re gonna get your dick in a knot
    over a guy who said he wants sink his ding-dong into a hot babe?

    If that’s where your priorities are, you deserve every goddamned ounce of
    what’s coming.

    Ultimately this isn’t about Trump.

    It’s never been about Trump.

    Trump is merely the silver bullet into the heart of the sellout shitweasels.

    Trump’s support is a direct result of the seething, white-hot rage in the
    American spirit.

    He’s the final gasp of a dying body politic of red-blooded Americans,
    manifested in flesh.

    He is a political weapon thrust into the side of Leviathan, as a last-ditch
    Hail Mary effort to expunge the self-anointed “know-betters” before they take
    the whole house down in a blazing cacophony of nuclear fire-and-brimstone.

    Trump is the people’s Ambassador. His message, is nothing more profound


    Whether he wins the election, loses the election, has the votes rigged
    against him, or the Repugnant party disowns him; it’s irrelevant – we’ve got a
    lot of work to do, and the future of American sovereignty, not-beholden to
    back-room deals conjured up by Corruptocratican globalist parasites,
    literally depends on anyone who doesn’t want to see their grandkids living in a
    third-world hellhole, while perennial near-felons suck caviar and spit in
    the face of the Rule of Law.

    Whether he wins, and wins YUGELY, or is crushed miserably; it doesn’t


    That said, just remember, by showing up to the polls in November, and
    yanking the crank that says, “Donald J. Trump,” you, and millions like you, will
    have effectively sent the biggest, meanest, most hateful bird-finger in the
    direction of the Deep(Dark) State possible; you’ll have utterly
    embarrassed them. You will have, if nothing else, given the most
    thorough, “FUCK YOU,” of your life to the disgusting scum that
    have floated to the top, while simultaneously illustrating that the biggest
    propaganda machine this side of Goebbels was utterly incapable of stopping you.

    It will be a solid, “FUCK YOU,” to all the political
    pansies, fruitcakes, weenies, and wimps, shitting their pants in fake

    It will be a solid, “FUCK YOU,” to all the enabling bagmen,
    henchmen, goons, and goobers, that lick the king’s boot for a living.

    It will be a solid, “FUCK YOU,” to all the
    self-appreciative, holier-than-thou, coffee-shop “intellectuals.”

    And, most importantly, it will be a solid, “FUCK YOU,” to
    the state-run media in this country, along with the message that they may have
    some folks fooled, but this time – it ain’t you.

    And no matter what the hell happens – don’t get defeated. I’m seeing a lot
    of folks tricked by bogus polling numbers, and other hocus-pocus.

    *See also: manufactured “consensus.”

    Reach down, verify your sacks are still attached, and get some fight
    back in you, you goddamned wimps.

    Whether the WWOTW is roundly defeated through the electoral process in
    November or not, the “FUCK YOU” remains the same.

  2. DEPLORABLE says:

    Proof that not just d-cRAT politicians are the nuttiest people on Earth !!!!!
    Stein’s Navy….

  3. grayjohn says:

    The woman is deranged and needs meds and confinement.

  4. NotKennedy says:

    So… what do you really think? Isn’t O’Biden’s wife a DOKTOR Jill, as well?

    Secession. There is NO good reason for 50 autonomous entities to kowtow to a hideous federal debauchery.

    If Trump or PIAPS are the best this country can inflict against the country, then we don’t need a damned president. Let the regions coalesce, as they may, until capable candidates become available.

    Dammit-to-hell, if you only had two applicants for a job requiring unique skills, and no qualified applicants, would you then hire the least incapable of the two to do something they have no ability to do?

    It’s too bad that America cannot be put into a receivership and the federal government suspended until the organizational structure is corrected.

  5. FrozenPatriot says:

    The only war effort worth gearing up for is the hinterlands righting themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. There is a new chain of abuses and usurpations evincing a design of absolute despotism and we should know what comes next…

  6. Saxon Warrior says:

    THREE LEVELS AT WORK HERE: (like nearly all moonbat projects and fantasies)

    1/ The Tiny Elite Minority: They know that Man-made Global Warming is a hoax. They know what we know, and they know that we know it. They don’t care, they just want power. They agree with most of the things that we say, except for the ‘freedom’ bits. They control the entire fallacy.

    2/ The rich, powerful but stupid: They probably don’t know that Global Warming is a hoax, but if they do, they don’t care because it benefits them, and ‘green’ rules don’t apply to them. They deceive others but at the same time they are also being deceived.

    3/ The foot soldiers: The average Hillary / Bernie / Che Guevara supporters. Mad as hatters, brainwashed, gullible, hate capitalism, hate God, incapable of rational thoughts, and so far Left that they’ve lost all touch with reality.
    There are more of these than the above. They are the enablers and useful idiots.

  7. Mr. Freemarket says:

    War is a continuing justification for the government to exceed its bounds.

  8. Jack Bauer says:


    That’s a really good synopsis of the Global Warming cabal…

    They only points I would add are:

    Group 1: They also know that this is nothing more than another way to tax the masses via “carbon taxes” which results in more money pouring into the big Beltway money pot. More money, that they ultimately call the shots on, with regards to how it is spent, means more favors to their cronies who through various methods, find ways to return the favors. And sadly, you and I are left paying for all this incestuous insider largesse.

    Group 2: People who largely in spite of their overall lack of intelligence have nonetheless become successful. Think “Leo DiCaprio” as a perfect example. A pretty-boy who learned to act, (to some degree), and made more money than he’s worth, and now that’s why we should all listen to him with regards to the complex science of Climatology, because of his immense qualifications.

    Group 3: As you suggest, mostly moonbats, and yet there are some decent people in this group, who through a psychological need, allow themselves to be misguided. They truly believe in this rubbish, and believe that they are doing what’s best for the environment. A large portion of this type has no religious belief, and so therefore Global Warming becomes their de facto religion, thus fulfilling a need that most of us have. The evidence of that, is when presented with facts to the contrary of their beliefs, they get angry, and don’t want to hear it. Roughly the same reaction you’d expect to get from a Christian if you suggested that Jesus was some sort of magician, instead of the Son of God.

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