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Aug 19 2018

Jimmy Kimmel Attacks Jack Phillips

As mentioned earlier, the tyrants running the Orwellian Colorado Civil Rights Commission continue to persecute the noble Jack Philips for refusing to betray his Christian faith, despite the recent Supreme Court decision in his favor. Now they demand that he create a special gender transition cake. “Civil rights” goons can rely on the support of the leftist attack dogs who dominate late night television. Jimmy Kimmel does his part by accusing Phillips of being homosexual and making fun of his appearance:

“I don’t know if he’s worried the wrong cake might bring that to life or what. And I will add, this is Jack Phillips, the totally straight cake baker,” Kimmel continued. “You would think that someone who looks like the Reba McEntire version of Colonel Sanders would be more sympathetic to gender identity issues.”

If you won’t submit to the homosexual agenda, you must be a homosexual. Plus, Jack Phillips is funny looking. What clever, humorous, and original thoughts. No wonder Jimmy Kimmel and the joke writers who tell him what to say make the big bucks.

On a tip from Jester.

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