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Dec 07 2019

Job Numbers Great, but Not for Liberal Media Industry

CNBC’s Jim Cramer says the job market is the best in a generation. But you can’t blame the liberal media for looking for a downside. It isn’t just that they are terrified that a strong economy will cost Democrats the 2020 election. As a Democrat pol might bark, the healthy economy does not work for everyone. Specifically, it does not work for the liberal media industry.

Via Business Insider:

• In the past month, layoffs have hit Gannett, the CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation], and Highsnobiety, bringing the total number of media layoffs in 2019 above 7,700, according to Business Insider’s tally.

• The latest cuts followed layoff announcements at BuzzFeed, Verizon, Vice Media, McClatchy, and Disney.

• For comparison, it’s estimated that some 5,000 media jobs were cut from the market from 2014 to 2017.

Other liberal bastions hit with job losses include CNN, the Washington Post, HuffPost, NPR, ThinkProgress, New York Magazine, Jet, Ebony, Out, Rewire.News, Yahoo, ultra-woke Sports Illustrated, left-wing New York radio station WBAI-FM, Condé Nast (owner of extreme left Teen Vogue), and various newspapers.

Get woke, go broke, as they say. Learn to code, media people!

On a tip from Chronos Z. Wonderpig.

One Response to “Job Numbers Great, but Not for Liberal Media Industry”

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