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Jun 26 2019

Joe Biden High Life

Joe Biden is an empty vessel who doesn’t stand for anything in particular. This may help him to win the nomination, since he has no qualms about pandering to the ultra-Left while also posing as a moderate when convenient. But it leaves you to wonder why a guy so vacuous even wants to be president. It’s not as if he has some deeply felt mission to take the country in a particular direction; he will just go where the Party winds blow him. Maybe he just likes living the high life:

Since leaving office, the 2020 frontrunner has pulled in “millions of dollars largely from book deals and speaking fees that ranged to as much as $200,000 per speech,” The Washington Post reports via public documents. And at every one of those events, Biden has maintained one very major demand: Pasta. Contracts required that his speech hosts serve him “angel hair pomodoro, a caprese salad, topped off with raspberry sorbet with biscotti,” the Post reports.

If that reminds you of someone, it could be his fellow regal moonbat Barbra Streisand, who requires that toilets be full of rose petals.

Biden travels in style too:

Sponsors have so far picked up the tab for “VIP hotel suites, town cars and professional drivers, chartered flights and travel expense reimbursements,” the Post reports.

A guy who likes living like this must reckon that it’s good to be king.

Yet he will continue to pose as the working-class regular Joe from Scranton.

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