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Nov 08 2019

Joe Rogan vs Transsexual Agenda

Finally, someone is enough of a man to stand up for the ladies. Sport after women’s sport has been reduced to farce on behalf of the twisted transsexual agenda (e.g., cricket, cycling, rugby, weightlifting, track, handball, football, wrestling, mixed martial arts, basketball). Joe Rogan has had enough:

The comedian and MMA commentator pointed out that men claiming to be transgender female athletes are destroying records in female athletics in nearly every category, and it just isn’t fair.

Rogan added that on transgender athletes: “We are entering into this complete nonsense area, this is progressive thinking, this ideology taken to the extreme.”

Progressives progress. In the absence of effective resistance, their ideology will always be taken to the extreme. The only limitation to the insanity of moonbattery is pushback from outside the ideology, which has been sorely lacking.

Rogan brought up the outrage of Fallon Fox, a guy who ought to be behind bars for participating in MMA fights as a woman.

“I would never advise [a female fighter] to fight someone that used to be a man, I’d say, ‘Ooo, probably gonna have a lot of physical advantages that’s not going to show up in a weight class,’” Rogan said after being asked about Fox.

That’s why Fox’s female opponents barely escape the ring with their lives.

“This one was fighting, her name’s Fallon Fox, and she was fighting as a woman even though she’d been a man for 30 plus years, and in fact even had a kid. And then just transitioned became a woman, didn’t tell anybody said it was a medical issue, it’s none of your business. And then beat the f*ck out of two women, and like beat them like domestic violence like you watch it you’re like ‘what?’”

I’m like “what?” whenever people use female pronouns to refer to men. But Rogan is pushing back harder than most.

He objected to Fox being allowed to batter women at the time, and was “never attacked harder” as a result.

Still, Rogan insisted that opposing transgender women athletes is “a hill I’ll die on.”

As he points out, trans athletes are always men pretending to be women. You don’t see women pretending to be men, because they would not be able to compete. Unbeknownst to the media, the Democrat Party, and many college professors, an objective reality outside liberal ideology exists, and in that world men and women are not interchangeable.

Rogan clearly suffers from toxic masculinity. Not only does he defend women, he defends children too by blasting the woke parents who transition their little kids to the opposite sex, permanently damaging them both mentally and physically in the process:

“You don’t let a five-year-old pick their outfit why would you let them pick their gender,” he asked.

If Joe Rogan were part of the establishment media, his career would now be over.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

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