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Sep 13 2018

John Kerry Conducts Rogue Diplomacy, Undermining US Policy

Ever since Hanoi John Kerry met illicitly with North Vietnamese officials in Paris in 1970 and accused American troops of extravagant war crimes before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971, his name has been associated with treason. He reinforced this association by negotiating Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, which essentially provided a green light for our worst enemy’s nuclear weapons program, along with $100–$150 billion to finance it, and to finance Iran’s continuing terror war against the USA and its allies. Thankfully, Kerry is out of office now — yet he is still at it:

Kerry, in an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt to promote his new book, said that he has met with Iranian Former Minister Javad Zarif—the former secretary’s onetime negotiating partner—three or four times in recent months behind the Trump administration’s back. …

Kerry [admits] that he has been conducting sensitive diplomacy without the current administration’s authorization. Kerry said he has criticized the current administration in these discussions…

Kerry’s comments are in line with previous reporting on his behind-the-scenes attempts to save the nuclear deal and ensure that Iran continues receiving billions in cash windfalls.

According to the US Code, it is illegal for unauthorized citizens to negotiate with foreign governments. But then, according to the US Code, treason is illegal too, and that never stopped Hanoi John — or should we call him Tehran John?

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